Our Story

The Coffee and Conversations story began exactly like that – over good conversations and great coffee across three different time zones – with Rashmi in New Delhi, Shikha in Hong Kong, and Ritika in Los Angeles.

With our belief in the power of good conversations to change lives as the guiding force, this digital coffeehouse offers stimulating and interesting perspectives about people and their life stories; wellness and lifestyle; travel and food; books, poetry, and art.

Our Team

Rashmi B. Nayar

Is a storyteller at heart, both with her lens and her pen. An innate wanderer, mountains and salt water inspire her, as do bicycles and books. Her stress busters include cappuccino, chocolates, and road trips. In a former life she has been a content editor, media director, and communication and leadership skills facilitator. In this life, she’s writing and editing over coffee and conversations.

Shikha S. Lamba

Is a jewelry designer, gemologist and poet living in the bustling city of Hong Kong.  An avid reader, Shikha enjoys photography and anything creative she can lay her hands on.  She has contributed articles and poetry for various publications in the US, Hong Kong, the UK, Bangladesh and India. A mother of two, Shikha is a passionate health advocate. Her quest to improve her own health has led her to explore health and wellness, especially in women.

Ritika Prasad

Is a social media (SMM) and content (CMS) tech enthusiast with a mission to unravel technology and make it simple for people. A proud Army brat, she loves road trips and adventure. She is presently trying to navigate her way through the maze of being a Mom to two lovely teens. Books and music are a constant, as is her dream of bumping into Keanu Reeves in L.A. at some point in time.

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