Submission Guidelines

We are eager to read your work, however here are a few things you need to know before submitting. 

  • Coffee and Conversations Magazine is open to most conversations (barring any extreme political and religious content, and sexually explicit content). 
  • An article needs to be between 500-800 words, the only exception being for a travel piece. You are welcome to submit up to 6 poems and 4 articles for consideration. 
  • Heading/Name of the article not to be more than 4-5 words.
  • Any word from the heading of the article (keyword) to be used in the main article at least 5-10 times. 
  • Original content to be used for the article. No plagiarism.
  • Previously published articles are accepted if they are rewritten slightly.
  • If possible, please send at least 2-4 pictures related to the article.
  • Author information to be included – Email, bio in less than 50 words, profile photo and a social media or website link.
  • We are open to submissions all year long, and publish a new issue every month.
  • As a new publication, we cannot offer payments to our contributors currently, however, we hope to do so in the future and we will do our best to promote the writers to the best of our means. 
  • We respond to all submissions in no less than 3 weeks.
  • All submissions must be in MS word attachments (not pdf), and all photographs in jpeg format.
  • Our website is locked against any copying, and all published work remains the property of the author. 
  • Our editors reserve the right to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, though we request that you proofread your writing submission. They will also suggest edits if required to the content (including poetry).  All edits will be approved by the author before publishing.
  • The sad truth is that we cannot accept all submissions and reserve the right to publish what we feel works best for the magazine.  And, often due to the number of submissions we receive we do need to sift through.  It is not an easy decision and does not reflect on your work.  Just as we do ourselves, we request you to keep an open mind and continue submitting your work with various publications.