I carve questions on a White Pine about my inception
“Your father made a wish on a Dandelion”.
The Pipit answers with a laconic song  

I probe and prod my barren heart
A Peony rears its blushing head
The mottled skies pour salving showers  

I wonder how to fill my emptiness
The April rain stings soft on my upturned palm
I sow spring wheat for the hungry young  

I keep searching for home
A Pileated Woodpecker drums a staccato rhyme
I find an aperture in a Wild Oak  

I fret restlessly about tomorrow
In the late afternoon, a nescient Mayfly
Pirouettes on the water’s edge  

I whisper entreaties for love to reveal itself
A Mute Swan beckons her beloved
In quiet vibrato into the hereafter  

The universe reverberates …

White Pine: Eastern White Pine is a tree species commonly found throughout Ontario in the eastern part of Canada.
Pipit: A Pipit is a kind of bird found abundantly in both eastern and western Canada.
Mayfly: An insect which sometimes emerges in mid-April especially when it rains, known to have a very short lifespan; at times comprising of only a day or two.
Mute Swan: This is a kind of Swan with a very soft call, unlike its louder counterpart, the Trumpeter Swan. It usually returns in early spring from its sojourns across warmer climes.

Jahnavi Gogoi

Jahnavi Gogoi’s poetry has been published in Chrysanthemum journal, Tsuri-doro, Enchanted Garden Haiku journal, Zen Peacemakers, Fresh Out: An Arts and Poetry Collective, The Daily Verse by The Wise Owl, Haiku Corner by The Japan Society, Shadow Pond Journal, The Leaf Journal, haikuNetra, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Cold Moon Journal, The Usawa Literary review, Borderless Journal, The Chakkar, Poems India, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, and so on. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

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