Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

The last time I switched careers,
a friend had asked –
Do you want to leave
this boss, this job or this field?

And I had replied with
‘all of the above’.

That familiar restlessness
is sneaking up on me again.

This time, I am asking myself –
what kind of work makes sense
when so much around me makes no sense at all?
Forget ambition, deliverables and success.
How do I even breathe?
How do I wear grace and joy on my skin?

And how do I find the answers
that will help me live in this world?

Ronita Chattopadhyay

Ronita Chattopadhyay (she/her) finds refuge in words. She also makes a living out of it while supporting not-for-profit organisations in India. Her poems have appeared in The Hooghly Review, Roi Fainéant Press, The Afterpast Review, Setu, Rogue Agent Journal, RIC Journal, among others, and anthologies by Querencia Press (Winter Anthology 2024) and Sídhe Press (To Light The Trails. Poems by Women In a Violent World).   

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