Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

Close your eyes, open your mind
for the first time, you may find, that you are
not the thoughts you think

You won’t have to drown
you won’t have to swim
but I’ll ask you to sink

deep further into the ocean
of who you truly are within
There’s no beginning, no end

nothing near to hold, nothing far
to reach for, keep your breath as water,
let it rise and fall like a wave flowing in

Stay calm, stay still
let the peace swaddle your soul
as you begin to feel whole again

you’ll know you’ve found yourself where you’ve always been

Neha Sonney
Neha Sonney

Neha Sonney is a contributing writer to Thrive Global. She is an amazing friend, proud mother of a teen, happy girlfriend to a life editor, great cook, zouk, speaker and personal development enthusiast with a green thumb. Currently, she’s working on her first book on the topic of self-love.
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Picture Credit : Simon Rae on Unsplash

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