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Given the current global environment, with so much out of our control, there is often a feeling of dissonance. This would be a good time to work inwards and boost our internal energy levels. Qi men dun ja (QMDJ) is one such ancient metaphysical art form, which gives us tools to delve into our inner workings. Having originated even earlier than its popular counterpart, Fengshui- it works on a more subtle level and gives us a glimpse into the shaping of our thoughts, personality and traits. Each person has their own individualized vibrational code or higher intelligence. We can connect with these intuitive forces by uncovering our Guardians of Destiny, which are found within our personal QMDJ charts. Each person has a different Guardian of Destiny according to their time and date of birth.

Plot your personal Qi min dun ja chart using the free resource link given below. All you need is your date and time of birth.

While there is a lot of information on the chart, focus only on the 2 circled columns as provided in the example. That is the Guardian of destiny and destiny palace.

Now refer to the table provided below to get insight into your personal Guardian of destiny. 

You will notice each of the 10 guardians have their own individualized abilities and attributes. They are not religious and simply represent our internal life force, often referred to as our subconscious mind. Some of you may sense an immediate affinity with your guardian, while others may have to make a more conscious effort to make a connection.

How to access my Guardian of destiny

  1. Identify the direction of your destiny palace
  2. Ensure you have your back to your destiny palace (see example)
  3. Sit comfortably on a chair or cross-legged in a relaxed yet alert position. Do not lie down as the purpose is to be with the flow and not fall asleep!
  4. Calm yourself with some slow mindful breathing or count backwards from 64-0.
  5. Now communicate with your Guardian by first giving thanks to life’s gifts – this will allow you to be in an attitude of gratitude.
  6. Over a period of time, you will develop an affinity with your Guardian and can seek guidance, harvest energy and direct it towards fulfilling your life goals.

Please be mindful that your goal is always realistic and within the realm of possibility. Connecting with your Guardian of Destiny will give you an empowering lifelong tool, enabling you to use it in any situation in life.

Qi men dun ja originated in the period of the Yellow Emperor and was used widely for military and strategic execution. It literally means – mysterious door hiding the jia (the general). Through the years its use has evolved into all aspects of life.

Priya Subberwal
Priya Subberwal

Priya is a qualified Classical Feng Shui practitioner. With a background in Interior Design, she has trained in formal Chinese Metaphysics with Dato Joey Yap of Mastery Academy in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In 2016 she formed the company ‘Disha’ which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Dishadhara’ meaning direction. Contact- [email protected]

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Picture Credit : Priya Subberwal

8 thoughts on “Know Your Guardian of Destiny”

  1. Very interesting, I will have to try this out. Dato Yap is very well known and well respected in Malaysia; I had a phone consultation with him probably 20 years ago now while living in London and he was uncannily, spot on.

    1. Thanks Maureen !
      DJY is a fabulous teacher, mentor & consultant- very accurate and encouraging in his readings.

  2. Very informative and interesting, Priya. These ancient techniques are very powerful and if practiced sincerely and correctly, they do work wonders.

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