New Year, new Qi – 2021 THE METAL OX YEAR


More than 2 billion people celebrate Chinese New Year annually, making it approximately 1 out of 4 people on the entire planet participating in this festival. Every year the incoming annual energy chart is looked at for guidance. This chart is used to foresee opportunities and challenges, and learn how best to tap into the environment to attain one’s potential. People typically do this by studying the Qi of the year and co-relating that to their own destiny/BaZi chart, followed by tweaking the Fengshui of one’s home and office. Given below are a few DIY Fengshui tips and BaZi updates for 2021. Based on Hsia or Farmer’s calendar, 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox. 

You could have an ox in your chart if you were born in January, in the years 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 or between 1 am-3 am. The ox being the visiting zodiac animal of the year is referred to as the TAI SUI. A great deal of attention and spotlight will be given to those with Ox in their chart -so it’s important for those with the Ox to do something noteworthy. Traditionally, people were apprehensive of having the Tai Sui in their chart, but it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents in today’s age.

The Goat, a zodiac animal clashes with the Ox, so if you were born in July, in the years 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, or between the hours of 1-3 pm, you could expect some inevitable changes in your life. The change could be as simple as one in your lifestyle/diet or job department, career, home, or country.

Chinese Zodiac New Year signs

Plot your BaZi chart using this free link and check out the four animal signs in your personal chart. See if the information below relates to you-

  • If you have a HORSE or GOAT in your chart, big expenditures are on your way.
  • Best learning and academic energy this year are for those with a RAT and DOG in their charts.
  • Most emotionally charged for 2021 are the SNAKE and RABBIT.
  • Romance coming your way if you have a TIGER or HORSE in your chart.
  • The PIG is the busiest animal of the year.
  • Best wealth opportunities are for those who have the ROOSTER, DOG, PIG and HORSE in their chart.
  • The MONKEY has access to the best resources and will be great at problem-solving.

Feng Shui Tips for 2021

  1. The best sectors this year are in the West, Northeast, and South. Use these rooms or locations in your house for important decisions, career-related work and networking. You could also place a candle/ music/dehumidifier/ clock to activate the Qi in these areas. 
  2. Students and people pursuing any education or study would greatly benefit by using the EAST room or sector of their home. You could further enhance this area by placing four bamboo stems in a freshwater vase.
  3. The SOUTHEAST and NORTH are the unfavourable sectors and best avoided if possible. If these areas are at your front door or bedroom -best to place heavy metal items here to reduce the negative earth energies.
  4. Place RED items in the SOUTHWEST of your home and be reminded to avoid unnecessary arguments.
  5. Avoid any renovations, loud noise or structural changes in the EAST and SOUTHEAST of your home.
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 Energy Pattern of 2021

The numbers are simply representative of the element within that sector.
Example 5,2,8 represent Earth energy, 1 is Water, 3 and 4 are Wood, Nine is Fire, 6 and 7 are Metal.

Priya Subberwal
Priya Subberwal

Priya is a qualified Classical Feng Shui practitioner. With a background in Interior Design, she has trained in formal Chinese Metaphysics with Dato Joey Yap of Mastery Academy in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In 2016 she formed the company ‘Disha’ which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Dishadhara’ meaning direction. Conatct- [email protected]

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