STAR Of Destiny

STAR of Destiny – Wouldn’t you like to take a deep dive into your inner working, understand your personality, thinking process, or simply put, your personal modus operandi?
The STARS represent the movement of the heavenly bodies and their impact on earth and man. There is nothing religious about this study, and it can be considered a handy tool to leverage your highest potential to better your career and personal relationships.

To familiarise yourself with your personal STAR of Destiny, all you need is your date and time of birth.
Plot your Qi men dun Jia chart with your date and time of birth using the free resource provided below –
While there is a lot of information on the chart, focus only on the STAR of Destiny. (See the picture given below)

Qi men dun jia – literal translation ‘Mysterious door, hiding the JIA/general’.
It originated in the reign of the Yellow Emperor, which makes this Chinese metaphysics even older than its popular counterpart, Fengshui.

Once you have identified your STAR of Destiny, refer to the detailed chart below to know more about yourself – strengths of character and habits you need to be mindful of. Think of it as a blueprint of your personality.

There are nine stars in all. They are based on the yin & yang polarities of the five elements – water, fire, metal, earth and wood. The stars govern human behaviour and personality types. Some people may relate immediately to their STAR of Destiny, while others may need to hone their skills. (eg. Public speaking, networking, etc.)

Feng Shui Practitioner Priya Subberwal

Priya Subberwal

Priya is a qualified Classical Feng Shui practitioner. With a background in Interior Design, she has trained in formal Chinese Metaphysics with Dato Joey Yap of Mastery Academy in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2016, she formed the company ‘Disha’, which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Dishadhara’, meaning direction. Contact – [email protected]

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