A Prayer For The Earth

babbling with joy, from the minute we are born,
the soil paves a perfect path for us to stumble and walk upon.

the wind carries our voices from the day we start to speak
so we can be heard and our borders can be merged,

throughout our life, we savour nature’s precious gifts
magnificent sunrises, the four seasons, the gentle drift.

the womb of our existence, the cause of our prosperity, 
our beautiful earth, but how do we repay thee? 

with barbarity, chopping down trees and polluting your seas
animals choking on plastic while we laugh in glee,

our gunshots find their aim, as birds die in pain
our vicious poison leaving the seas and skies with an irreversible stain.

man tramples over others’ desires and zest
consumed with how he can live better than rest,

forgetting all about mother nature, 
under whose umbrella we have been blessed.

why do we do this? I do not understand,
are we insane, in the way we treat our lands?

can we abandon things we don’t need
and create humans that will finally pay heed,

not drown the planet in our wants and our desires 
but to be how mother nature needs us to be.

Aarza Sachdeva
Aarza Sachdeva

Aarza Sachdeva is a High School student, currently in Grade 9. She lives in Hong Kong and is passionate about cooking, writing, and reading. She likes to try adventurous sports and is always up for a challenge. Contact her on Instagram @aarzasachdeva. 


Picture Credit : Marta Wave from Pexels

2 thoughts on “A Prayer For The Earth”

  1. Excellent thoughts, Aarza!
    I see a reflection of Me in You..I too m passionate abt giving back to the Mother Earth!

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