Real-Life Heroes

A year has passed, 
one that’s been nothing like the past 
with online schooling, and online homework tasks. 
This was a new experience for us all, 
and technology made us grow, 
Yet, we need to remember those, 
who made it all possible, and are still unknown. 
They deserve more praise, 
for all they did to help us in this phase,
our teachers are the silent stars, 
without whom we wouldn’t have come this far. 
Cameras on, mics muted, this has become a daily affair, 
we may be annoyed, but they carry on because they really care. 
Assignments, deadlines, and emails, 
their hard work, and perseverance never fails. 
Teachers deserve more credit than we give, 
they are one of the few real life heroes who live. 
So, let’s come together as thanks is due 
dear teachers we would be nowhere without you. 

Thank you to the real-life heroes for helping us through these difficult times!

Shriya Nauhria
Shriya Nauhria

Shriya is a 12-year-old who loves to read and travel. The best thing she likes to do is sit near her stack of books with a cup of coffee and get lost in them. She is a bibliophile, but she is not that bespectacled, serious looking, boring nerd rather she is a very chirpy, lively, and naughty person who loves to get lost in the colourful world of reading. And when she is not reading, she is writing. Apart from these two activities, she loves to listen to music. 


Picture Credit : Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Real-Life Heroes”

  1. Very beautiful and charming poem written by our grand-daughter. She is generous, hard-working and has sharp mind. she has vast knowledge and attentative mind. We are proud of her! Wondful done by Shriya.MayGod bless
    her with all success and fruitful efforts

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