Arranged Marriage

They ask me
How I can agree
To give my hand
To take your name
Embrace your world
Leaving mine in fragments to the wind
When I still haven’t seen
The iris of your eye
Or the curl of your hair

I smile, knowing that
When we do meet
It won’t be love at first sight
But faith in first promise

For I have met you
Through my mother’s eyes
Seen the courage in your heart
That I will love without abandon
Heard the whisperings of your conscience
That I will follow with full faith
Felt the fire in your compassion
That I’ll most willingly die for
Each time she says
She has chosen
The type of man
I’d want to raise my son to be

Ritu Hemnani
Ritu Hemnani

Ritu is an author, journalist, teacher, and voice actor who promotes inclusiveness and diversity through her writing.  Her articles and stories have been published in the South China Morning Post, Asian Literary review, and Reader’s Digest.  Ritu is the Director of Heritage Publishing Ltd and her children’s book, ‘Gope and Meera – A Migration Story,’ seeks to foster awareness and empathy for migrants in our communities.

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