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“Is there a world with splendid creation 
Where one could be looked upon with admiration? 
Is there a haven from the world’s frustration 
Where peace and war have no relation?” 
When children with pure hearts asked about this nation 
God replied, “It all depends on your imagination.” 
The little ones filled with a sense of optimism 
Started looking for this mysterious location, 
Alas, their journey didn’t lead to such a destination. 
Feeling shattered that despite their dedication 
No place was found that fulfilled their aspiration, 
The little angels asked again their question. 
God smiled, urging them to explore their imagination, 
And make a world of their own creation. 

Shambhavi Priya
Shambhavi Priya

It is hard to tell people about yourself because you fear their perception of you would be different from how you perceive yourself. On this note, let me introduce myself. I am Shambhavi Priya, a teenager just like anyone else, quite excited about turning 17 in a few days. I am studying in grade 12 and aspire to be a professor in zoology. I love singing and writing along with playing the piano, cooking and painting. I am elated about sharing my thoughts with you through my poem. May the words be soul igniting, your days be exciting, and your thoughts keep inciting. Happy writing!


Image Credit : Nagy Arnold on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Imagination”

  1. Oh god! Such a deep thought at this little age. Written and expressed in a brilliant way. While reading just realised we all at some point of time question these things with ourselves but the answer never striked.
    It’s true Imagination creates reality. The poem is an epitome of purity and virtue.Thank you for penning it down so well. Keep writting and shining.
    Thank you coffee and conversations for hunting so beautiful thing. Keep posting. Lots of love 😘

  2. Such a beautiful poem penned down by such a beautiful, genuine, innocent and an honest teenager .This poem expresses the purity of the poet’s heart.
    God bless you Shambhavi. May you keep writing many more such poems.

    1. Thankyou so much for all your support, love and blessings. Your support means a lot to me.

  3. Many congratulations, love and
    blessings to my darling Shambhavi!
    You’ve done a terrific job in composing
    this impressively great poem!! Keep it up,

  4. Shambhavi,you have expressed yourself very well.
    Perception about teenagers may be different, but
    you have expressed very well about their
    thoughts and feelings!!

  5. I am aware of your talent Shambhavi but this corner was unexplored. You have done it & to me you are & shall be an excellent writer.
    Imagination is boundless, Imagination has all the solutions. Only requirement is keep your head & heart on imagination mode.
    Extremely superb composition. Keep this fire on.
    Keep it up & Best wishes…

    1. Thankyou so much for all the wonderful compliments. I will continue my writing journey! Thankyou so much for your blessings.

  6. Such a sensitive yet innocent poem penned by a teenager, is itself so heartening. Keep it up Roli & continue your hunt for a world of your choice, you will find it one day&may every teenager aspire to find one too. Keep writing, you’re a bundle of talent waiting to be unbundled. Bless you.

  7. Great to see such insightful thoughts by a teenager. Way to go, Roli!!
    An inspirational not only for young generation but also for all ages.

    1. Thankyou so much Ankur fufa! All the credit goes to Riti bua for provide such an amazing platform for expressing myself.

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