Fairytale Retold

The nastiest tales
of blood and nails
are fairy tales,
mind you.
For example, 
take Goldilocks
that thieving little snot.

When the three bears
made three bowls
of porridge mix with hair,
They decided to take a walk
to London’s big tower clock,
not knowing disaster would come to play
while they are away.

Now the story
starts to get gory
and I must ask, 
how would you feel
if someone gulped down your meal?
For, that’s what Goldilocks did,
the rotten little quid.

Oh, there’s more to add
as things got bad 
with a chair dear to mother bear.
On it she jumped with all her worth 
and ground it down to earth,
turning to go up the stairs
without a worry or any cares.  

Upstairs she found
the beds of the bears
and flung herself onto one
with shoes dirty with what a dog had done.
There she slept for long
until she woke up and saw
she was looking straight into papa bear’s jaw.


Fairytale Retold

Ishaan Agarwal
Ishaan Agarwal

A 13-year-old wanderer who loves to express himself with his pen, Ishaan has a voracious appetite for books, jokes, laughter, and food. He lives in Noida, India with his parents and grandparents and his very naughty little brother. If you don’t find him with his nose buried in his Kindle, you will find him cycling or playing basketball. Ishaan dreams of reading and writing and occasionally of Terraria! A line that resonates with him – “Not all who wander are lost.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien


Picture Credit : Clipart

4 thoughts on “Fairytale Retold”

  1. Ishaan, i am always amazed by your writing and look forward to reading more and more from you.
    Good luck in this beautiful pursuit.

    Best wishes
    Aparna Aunty

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