Ode to Spring

The sun peeks through
from behind cottons of
dark clouds, 
straining hard
to reach inviting faces,
as eyes bow down to 
warm rays of sunlight.

Flowers absence dignity
burst open, 
exposing swelling buds, 
tiny petals 
quietly making their entrance, 
as green leaves spring out,
each pale vein naked to the eye.

A soft breeze flows, 
a master caresser
gently swirling, 
barely touching, 
whispering sweet sounds, 
secrets to the 
blooming trees.

The earth smells sweet,
wet from earlier rain,
spitting out lush blades 
in bright green, 
rooted deep
as the grounds fold in, damp 
and rich like molten chocolate.

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Photo Credit : Rhea Lamba

18 thoughts on “Ode to Spring”

  1. Can almost visualise with closed the beautiful spring you described. The flowers, the breeze, the earth. Truly an ode to Spring. Thanks Shikha. And you suddenly increased my craving for molten chocolate.

  2. A perfect picture of spring … beautiful simple and most gorgeous photos that make it so real .
    Shikha brilliant. And even more, the photographs by rhea.👏👏

  3. So beautiful described that I can practically feel the rain, the soaked earth and the fresh green around me.

  4. Lovely lines. I actually could smell the sweet fragrance of earth post the first rainfall.. ahhh!! And equally stunning clicks! Super talented Shikha👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Superb! Can smell the wet earth – instantly uplifted. This is what we need at the moment – positivity and beautiful memories brought to life.

  6. Beautiful pic ria. Reading your poem transported me to my home in punjab where I use to sit on chair in big green garden full of flowers and feel the nature.

  7. So descriptive and ‘picturesque’. Loved the ‘earth smells sweet, wet from earlier rain’. Could imagine the fragrance of गीली मिट्टी!

    Do continue composing & posting your poems.

  8. Beautifully expressed Shikha… can literally visualise every expression ! Love the nostalgia about the ‘earth smells sweet, from earlier rain…’ keep expressing !!

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