Lullaby and Other Poems

Photograph by Jerome Burglund


burnt hair what gets mixed in  

serving foam: Gaia  

fissure describe a deep cut  

snuff pouch after the jump   

self storage periodical cicada 

Poem Contents
“The name of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, means ‘risen from the foam’.”  
“A culinary foam consists of natural flavours such as fruit juices or vegetable purees, soup and stock bases mixed with gelling or stabilising agents such as lecithin, gelatine or natural fats in cream and other dairy produce.”
“Phrase- after the jump. It is used to introduce an inline advertisement in a webpage, etc. This story continues after the jump.”
“After their 17 years are up cicadas wait for the perfect temperature before making the journey to the surface”

Photograph by Jerome Burglund

The Heist

locally sourced reins
preserving the union   

stitches tear —
partners in crime
a romantic notion  

Howling winds…
The ghosts cry out for justice —
Can you hear them?  

glitter bomb baffle ‘em with bullshit  

beneath parasol
lotion on nose too
taking no chances

Poem Contents –
“Glitter bombs can be sent through the post, so that glitter falls from an envelope or is forcefully ejected from a larger, spring-loaded package when opened.”  
‘‘Preserving the Union’ verse describes atrocities committed by Andrew Jackson, content warning they’re very graphic and troubling: Read here
Supernatural and speculative elements are not uncommon in haiku and senryu poetry, were a favorite subject by many famous practitioners.

Jerome Berglund

Jerome Berglund has published many haiku, haiga and haibun, most recently in bottle rockets, Frogpond, and Modern Haiku. His first collections Bathtub Poems and Funny Pages were just released by Setu and Meat For Tea press, and a mixed media chapbook showcasing his fine art photography is available now from Yavanika.
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