I Choose to be Happy

The Noble Buddha said Life is full of suffering and
Boy, he wasn’t lying!
There are wars and bombs and young people
dying due to cancer and global warming/climate fires.
I could go on.

But The Noble Buddha forgot –
the world is big enough.
We can live together with sadness and love.

There are sunny days and flowers
in spring and the smell of freshly baked bread.
My mom’s love wrapping me like a blanket,
books, music and art.
I could go on.

I don’t believe in Moksha.
I know we all have our battles to fight and
I will fight mine to the end.
So I smile, wear flowers in my hair and am kind.
Yes, Life is worth living and celebrating because I choose to be happy.

Anuja Agarwal

Anuja Agarwal, along with her extensive banking experience, is also an avid reader, hiker and a hands-on mom of 3 kids. She is passionate about financial literacy and gender lens investment.

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