Song and Dance


Sitting in the garden on a warm winter afternoon,

Under the vast, clear, azure sky,

In the shade of the blossoming Kachnar,

Pink, violet, lilac, purple, lavender,

Myriad hues of the Bauhinia flowers beckon,

Their soft, sweet scent fills the air,

Dried rustling leaves twirl in the breeze,

As they fall to the ground, dancing their last dance, literally,

Ashok, Amla, Gulmohar trees, stand tall ,

Their branches and leaves swaying in the easy wind,

Being caressed by the gentle rays of the balmy afternoon sun.

Birds chirp and sing, a pair of parrots converse,

Chatting incessantly, sitting atop an amla branch,

Hidden to the human eye, by the thick, green foliage.

The mild winter sun soothes, while the mighty trees throw

their shadows on the ground, a soft breeze breathes life

into everything around it, as the rustling, whispering,

singing leaves and the silence become one.

Bright golden, smiling sunflowers

Go about bobbing their heads,

The blooming dahlias and the lovely larkspurs,

The pretty poppies, the enchanting pansies and

The colourful petunias sing and dance

To the music of nature, celebrating life

On an ordinary day. 

In a chaotic world, these are expressions

Of freedom, of beauty,

Of tranquillity, of calm,

Of peace, and of joy.

Dr Vinita Ashit Jain
Dr Vinita Ashit Jain

An alumnus of MGD School and SMS Medical college, Jaipur, Dr. Vinita Ashit Jain is a physician who loves to write. A lover of music, books and nature, she writes in Hindi, English and Marwari. Poetry inspired from nature, life and social issues can be found in her first book “Gunjaar Zindagi Ki”.

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