Whispers of Home’s Timeless Embrace

Oh, how my heart longs to
rewind time’s relentless tour,
to live anew, savouring home’s
embrace a little more.
To roam the fields where youth’s
wild oats were once sown,
inhale deep the fragrant air of
the only land I’ve known.

To stroll again where my
forebears walked before,
each step upon the soil
that makes memories flood to the fore.
To lay upon the earth, beneath
skies of azure lore,
to cherish every grain of sand
along my land’s shore.

For in these wishes, whispered
soft to night’s serene,
is a yearning, a soul’s reflection in
time’s quiet stream.
Beneath the stars, in dreams
where our spirits soared,
I just wish to touch those
cherished days once more.

Nilofar Ayoubi

Nilofar is a journalist and the CEO of Asia Times. Af, a news platform that covers Afghan affairs, and the Editor at Akhbar-Alan, a media outlet that provides information and education to the Afghan diaspora. She works with international entities, such as the EU and the UN, to raise awareness and mobilize support for the plight of Afghan women and girls under the Taliban regime. Her efforts have garnered international recognition, and she has delivered speeches at PeaceTalk Geneva 2023 and TEDx events. Nilofar’s journey as an activist began at a young age when she lived as a boy to ensure her safety and access to education. Despite facing threats and violence, she pursued journalism and championed women’s rights during her university years. 

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