The Journey Of My Epiphanies

Looking at the reflections of the unseen 
my eyes beguile my heart, 
hiding beneath layers of unforgiveness
I conceal the nudity of my imperfections.
Carrying their weight I take a step 
as gushing pain takes over, 
and I allow the hysteria to sink in 
everyday a little bit more, I tell myself.

As whispers of the unknown weigh me down 
and my ears deafen and wounds bleed,
I keep walking, the oracles of my drenched heart 
seeking the epiphanies of the world. 
And I give the world, Me 
beneath my cloak of invisibility, 
Brighter than the star, darker than night 
Angel and devil, two conflicting halves of a whole. 

I hide beneath these rigid forms, 
letting the fragility of my inner self 
strengthen its walls around me,
As I hear a voice and feel the warmth 
of hope, scribbled on a shard of paper
Mending my hurt and healing my self
setting me free to just be Me
and let me paint my own epiphanies.

Akanksha Badu
Akanksha Badu

Akanksha is a second year Sociology student at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. Her
areas of interest include International Relations, Social issues and Mental wellness. She’s a movie
enthusiast and loves adding her perspective to them. She writes poetry and her
favourite mode of expression, along with writing, is art.


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