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When my Dad got posted to Nabha from Ahmednagar (a place I never wanted to leave), little did I know what Nabha, especially PPS Nabha had in store for me. So, when I got to know that I would be studying in The Punjab Public School Nabha, I was super excited because it meant that I would soon be starting my life in a boarding school.

I spent the whole day reading up about the school on the internet and in the evening, finished my packing. I could barely sleep as thoughts of being in a boarding school buzzed through my mind.

We reached the school at sharp 9 AM the next morning. The moment I saw the school, I fell in love with it. Located in the lush green town of Nabha, PPS is one of the best boarding schools in India. Founded in 1960, the school has a wonderful faculty and a beautiful big campus.

While I sat waiting outside the main office and my parents went inside to do the necessary paperwork, I tried to process my feelings about a boarding school life. I knew that I would miss my parents and sister, but I wanted to experience this amazing place as well.

Just then some girls walked up to talk to me. They asked me if I was joining the school. When I said yes, they welcomed me very warmly and started talking to me like I was an old friend of theirs. I knew then that the people here were going to be awesome.

After around half an hour, my parents came out and told me the headmaster would be meeting us. It got me a little nervous, but as soon as we entered his office, the Headmaster welcomed us with a warm smile. Everything felt right at that moment. He talked to us about the school and the culture, and right at the end, he said, “I promise you, you will not feel alone here and all the girls will be very nice to you”. I can tell you, he was absolutely right.

Post the interaction with Heady, we went to one of the classrooms where I was allotted my house (Jamuna) and given all the school uniforms, books and other necessary things. From there, we went to the girls hostel. It was a huge building that opened into a hallway with an alley leading into the dorms.

We were escorted to the recreational room where I saw a huge steel box with my house number. This was to be my identity in the school apart from my name. So, even if people didn’t know my name, they would surely know my house number. In fact, it’s this number that makes every student a proud Nabhaite.

After all my clothing had got numbered (J-00546), I said goodbye to my parents and sister. It was the last time I was going to see my them for about a year.

Then one of the matrons escorted me to the changing room where every girl had an individual closet. It was cool. I was told to change into the school uniform and come down for lunch to the junior school mess. It was a huge hall and in the centre sat the junior school headmaster with all the students sitting around him. I remember feeling a little lost then, sitting with my juniors, having lunch as they looked at me curiously. It was the first time I felt a little scared but it was the last time as well.

After lunch got over, I went to my dorm and started doing up my bed and cabinet. That’s when a big group of girls entered the room. They were talking and laughing but when they noticed me standing there, they walked over to introduce themselves. They all were my seniors from class XII. In about half an hour, they made me realise that the so-called horrors of life in a boarding school are not true, and it is actually really fun. After they left, my own dorm mates came in and we all got talking till it was time to get ready for games.

I had opted for tennis, so after playing for an hour, I went back to the hostel to freshen up. I had some milk and bananas, chatted with some more girls, and met my housemistress who immediately made me feel at home.

Finally, it was time for the first incredible day of my life in a boarding school to come to a close. Like the school motto Onward and Upward, there was no looking back for me from that day onwards.

<strong>Jiya Khanna</strong>
Jiya Khanna

She is a seventeen-year-old student in grade 12 studying languages with economics and psychology. She enjoys strumming the guitar in her free time and loves to pen down her thoughts at the end of each day. She aspires to join the armed forces and nurture her passion for writing.

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  1. Very well written Jiya. I can totally agree with you that life in a boarding school is not always horror its lots of fun too. After reading your thoughts i am missing my days of being in the boarding school a lot.
    God bless you!! Keep writing and shining always.

  2. I have to say this was a story worth reading. Jiya is one of my good friends and to know about her experience in an boarding school was delightful, it felt like I was reading about a author’s journey to a new place and environment. This small blog also broke my stereotypes about the horrors of boarding school and now I’m excited to go to one.

  3. Jiya sometimes these things gives us lots of experience . And specially when you’re expressing these things in front of lot’s of people ….. I also have lots of stories but need some courage to express …. And u have given me that today … The story is awesome I just loved it keep writing nd shine lot’s of love ❤️

  4. this was quite similar to my first day at PPS, Nabha and felt really good after recalling the day..
    Very well written Jiaa..

  5. Damn Jiya!
    I always wanted to experience the boarding school life as my parents too had done their schooling from Sherwood & Saint Mary’s but couldn’t because of golf…
    Very well written and please do keep up the great work & keep sharing your experiences as I would love to read them all!
    All the besttt 👍

  6. Jiya Khanna what a writing I loved it and after reading your article i also remembered my first day of going to a boarding school

    Love u and miss u harry potter

  7. i know i know i was one of those awesome girls right😎😂 but dudeee its good and so relatable!! loved it!!!

  8. Loved reading it dear child. God bless you always Jiya.
    I miss your presence in school. You will always remain as a cherished kid in my memory.

    1. Thank you so much mam for your words and all the guidance that you have given me over the years
      I miss the school too.

  9. DEAR JIYA बेटा
    आप मेरे को नहीं जानते पर आपकी यह कहानी यह बताती है कि आपके पास एक सुंदर दिल है जो एक हर एक चीज को महसूस करता है सदा मुस्कुराते रहो और खुश रहो बेटा आपके परिवार के लिए भी ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं
    सुमेश मल्होत्रा

  10. Beautifully written with feelings, Jiya.
    You have paved way for the future generation of students who could be nervous or apprehensive. Putting someone’s mind at ease is the greatest contribution. Wishing you all the best in your future.
    Pushap Raj
    1963-1975 PPS

  11. Very beautifully written little one! Super proud of your journey. Sending you loads of love and best wishes!

  12. Hi Jiya, beautifully stringed words. An all rounder girl with a heart of gold. Best wishes beta and keep shining.

  13. Wao Jiya….superbly penned down thoughts n also very well projected image of the hostels … sure this article is just a beginning of many more profound thoughts coming from your end darling in the future too!!!. ..keep up the intellectual work n keep soaring newer heights deary!!!

  14. Dearest Jiya,
    You have beautifully penned down the entire journey of your hostel life. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours, this article is just the beginning, I know that a bright girl like you will surely scale the heights.
    May you reach the zenith…
    I felt nostalgic after reading this article. …loads of love and luck Jiya🥰

  15. Hi Jiya – I loved your story.. i have never been in a boarding school but this makes me want to go… Inward and upward as you said.. life is a journey and when you left a place you loved “Ahmednagar” you discovered a new place you loved equally “Nabha”… This is life.. discovering.. loving… Sometimes less sometimes more and keep moving upward and onward.. looking forward to read more…

  16. Well written experience. Almost lived through it. Keep writing. There are many from The PPS who have written books and are writing articles in papers. You add to the list.

  17. Dear Jiya,
    What a well written, genuine and apt description of your first day at PPS. I enjoyed it immensely.
    When I joined, it was 1963 and my first job as a teacher in the Junior School. I loved my three and half years there and it was and is a wonderful place with very caring people. The students and faculty still keep in touch!
    Enjoy your time. An excellent choice!
    Lila Kak-Bhan 1963-1966

  18. Hii jiya…such a wonderful write up…loved the way u penned down this emotion …felt like being there and living the day with you…hope that we will soon get to read something equally brilliant from ur pen very soon…keep writing….much love

  19. Hmm….Jiya!
    Good for you!!
    I just happened to see the link to your article on the website while cleaning up the WA group stuff.
    Whenever I come across a newcomer talk about the first day at PPS I instantly get thrown back to that day in 1972 when my dad brought me to Junior School where we were met by Ms Malkani. May God Almighty grant peace to her soul.
    PPS was so different back then with an odd bus or two and a train or two passing through Nabha.
    I was OK (as in confused) in the first week when everybody around me was crying out of homesickness and I was wondering as to what was happening. In the second week the dam broke and I started crying and didn’t stop for a whole month actively plotting a way to escape and find my way back home. Imagine that was a 12 year old me!
    And then one fine day I just grew tired of being homesick and started living it up bouncing around so much that it earned me nickname I’d rather not mention as a senior citizen :))
    Come summer and I feel in love with the swimming pool though our dear ol PTI Mr PS Gill was a terror to be with since he had a rather direct way of teaching swimming to the lazy and the fearful. (Those kind of things don’t happen now a days.)
    We used to write one letter to our parents per week and it was done as an assignment during the evening prep at Jr School.
    Many fond memories come welling up thanks to you as also a deep sadness because there are no rewind buttons in life!
    Take Care and Be Good.
    Lt Col Rattanbir Singh
    R-346 (1977 Batch)

  20. thank you so much sir for your kind words.
    i yes we all got nicknames there ….and today i proudly say that im a nabhaite.

  21. Very well written jiya… i feel blissful to be a part of this school and spend my short journey with all of you… this school has taught us so much and i will always cherish the beautiful memories we have created here….thank you for writing this and making us feel so nostalgic..

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