Amidst the ebb and flow, life’s dance unfurls,
Where change, elusive, transforms and swirls.
Glide through the currents, embrace the unknown,
For growth lies in the seed, so deeply sown.

When fear whispers softly, as doubts arise,
Hold steady, dear soul, with determined eyes.
For change is the realm where courage takes flight,
Unfolding the tapestry of life with might.

Like seasons that shift in cyclical grace,
We find newfound wisdom in each embrace.
As winter dissolves and blossoms arise,
Change teaches us strength, its lessons, our prize.

Let go of attachments, release the old,
Embrace the blessings that change can unfold.
For stagnancy lingers in complacency’s hold,
While change breathes in freshness, a story untold.

Evolving, transforming, we spread our wings,
In the ever-changing symphony, life sings.
Adaptation, the key to survive and thrive,
Embrace change boldly, your spirit revived.

So fear not the unknown, let worries cease,
For change is the portal to inner peace.
In its vast ocean, dive deep and explore,
New chapters unravel what lies in store.

Embracing change, an art of profound might,
Unfolding the tapestry, colours so bright.
With open arms and a heart unafraid,
Oh, behold the miracles that change has made.

Hafsa Khan

Guided by daily introspection, Hafsa Khan is a modern-day Sufi mystic who weaves verses that delve into the intricate tapestry of spirituality and life.
Hafsa’s poetry is a symphony of emotions, a cadence of thoughts that reflect the ups and downs of the human experience. Her words echo the wisdom of ancient mystics and blend seamlessly with the modern pulse of life.
Diving into the waters of spirituality, Hafsa explores themes of transcendence, mindfulness, and the interconnectedness of all things.

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