Cycling Stories: Kisse Cycle Ke

Kisse Cycle Ke book launch with Shalini Shrinet (Mera Rang) and Dr A.K. Bansal (ex Coach india hockey Team) with author Siraj Saxena

During the lockdown almost everyone was stuck at home all day, except for the cyclists who came out on the roads to do what they love most – ride on their bicycles. Finding the roads in their cities and towns free of vehicular traffic, the cyclists found their freedom under clear blue skies and glorious green trees for a few hours every morning. It helped to not only build their immunity, but also improve their mental health as it provided a much needed escape from the locked-in and locked-down life. Cycling stories: Kisse Cycle Ke talks about how those weeks and months went by for cyclists across India as they found succor and support on their wheels.

Siraj Saxena curated a series of Live conversations in association with ‘Mera Rang’ in which he interviewed 24 Indian cyclists from different parts of the country. He compiled these most interesting conversations in a book of cycling stories called ‘Kisse Cycle Ke’. A labour of love, it includes a cross-section of people ranging from a spirited youngster from Raipur, Tehseen Ambar to an inspiring couple, Vishva and Kamaljit Dhiman from Dehradun, at age 67 and 72 years respectively. Then there are stories of the bicycle mayors of Mumbai and Jaipur, Firoza Suresh and Puja Vijay, which motivate everyone to make cycling a lifestyle choice.

Cycling is more than a sport – it is an adventure and a lifetime companion by your side. Good for your own health and that of the earth, it’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of being one with nature and discovering roads less travelled. The true stories in Kisse Cycle Ke are all that and more. They inspire and motivate, make you smile and tear up, take you on adventures and journeys, and give you self belief. The common thread running through the 24 stories is the thought they leave you with – “If they can do it, why can’t I.”

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(pic 1) Tehseen Ambar (pic 2) Vishva and Kamaljit Dhiman (pic 3) Firoza Suresh (pic 4) Puja Vijay

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  1. A very interesting peek into a book that will surely inspire us all to take up cycling seriously. Already ordering a copy Ma’am.

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