Artist Profile: Narjjis Bhargava

Artist Narjjis Bhargava at her exhibition

Artist profile on Narjjis Bhargava goes back to the time when she was in grade two and found a corner in her grandparents big old house to escape to for drawing clouds. She remembers that she would only draw clouds because deep down, she always felt like a free spirit. This unfettered spirit is a central theme in her paintings – the free flowing strokes of mixed media in vibrant colours come dipped into her imagination. The most important advice on art came from her Aunt who told her, “Never copy from anywhere, use your imagination” – a rule she follows till date. In the early days of her journey as an Artist, Narjjis would gift her artwork to the people who valued it. She never sold it until a wise friend told her, “People do not value free stuff, so even if you have to charge one rupee, do charge.” The transition has been interesting and presently she’s working with charcoal on commissioned work with horses as the subject.

Ever the seeker, Narjjis began to feel the urge to learn more, travel and explore more. By then, she had been married for about five years and and her son was two and a half years old. A strong believer of marriage and children not being a hurdle in one’s life, and with the support and encouragement of her husband who is a part of her dream, Narjjis left for Christchurch, New Zealand to do her level 6 degree in Fashion and Styling. Finding a balance between her family and her passion has always been very important to her, and she does both with great ease and élan.

Her first art exhibition was at Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur earlier this year. Organised to provide a platform for young aspiring artists, she displayed three of her modern contemporary works. Majorly oil colour based, she experimented with mixed media and received great appreciation by art lovers for her originality and technique. It was an immensely gratifying experience and has given her fresh impetus to continue to do what she loves. We sat down over a cup of great filter coffee to do our artist profile on Narjjis Bhargava, and find out more.

Contemporary Artwork in mixed media

1. What inspires you as an artist?
Narjjis: I get my inspiration majorly from nature and music. But people too inspire me many times.

2. What causes you to get creativity blocks and how do you deal with it?
Narjjis: I guess every artist goes through this problem. For me, I have noticed that moving to a new place or an unfamiliar environment is the cause. I deal with it, by simply recreating my comfort zone, keeping in touch with my loved ones and giving myself some ‘me’ time.

3. What is your state of mind when you are creating something?
Narjjis: Every piece of art requires different emotions, so it’s difficult to pinpoint one. But usually, when I am completely relaxed, I paint.

4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Narjjis: “Create from your imagination”, you can never go wrong. Also, paint for yourself and not for people’s approval.

5. What is your most important artist tool?
Narjjis: There is this brush, passed on by my father to me. It is made of horsetail hair (something that you do not find easily nowadays). I have to use this brush every time I paint.

6. What is your favourite colour?
Narjjis: I don’t know. I love all of them, but I do use a lot of shades of greens and blues in my artworks, and you will also find yellow in different hues too.

7. How would you like to be remembered?
Narjjis: “An honest friend”, but not every person I meet would like me, so it depends. Well, honestly I don’t care, I do my bit and forget.

8. What do you do to get into your creative zone?
Narjjis: It just happens on its own, especially when I am listening to music or when I am alone – it helps me to concentrate.

9. Which of your creations gives you the most pride/satisfaction? Why?
Narjjis: I do not think that I paint that great, so I am a very unsatisfied person as an artist. I think that the best has not yet been attempted.
The only other thing that gives me a great feeling of creative expression is writing poetry. I grew up in an environment where Ghalib and Faiz were recited all the time. So, it was only natural for me to fall in love with poetry and to write poems myself.

10. Who has been your biggest inspiration in keeping your creative energy going?
Narjjis: My children, family and friends. God has been kind to me and I have an amazing set of lovely people in my life, touchwood.

(L) Horse head in Charcoal (C) Modern Artwork in Mixed media (R) Horse head in Mixed media

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Picture Credit : Narjjis Bhargava

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  1. Narjjis your work is original n so amazing. Mrs Nayar a great initiative to promote and appreciate her work.

  2. wonderful and soulful work … you have a insight to express flares through your work. Well done and keep going.

  3. Good to read about some inspirational people. You are connecting us with some real outstanding hidden talent Ma’am.

    1. Thanks so much for the read Amol. It’s amazing how much talent there is amongst our fraternity. More power to us.

  4. Narjjis Ma’am, your life is truly inspiring, there is so much to learn from you. And your work is so beautiful. Always love your work.

  5. Awesome work Narjjis….wish u loads of success as u spread vibrant colours into this world thru ur wonderful art work.

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