Mysterious Ways

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Mysterious are the ways of this myriad coloured world
Strange are the lives we choose and the destiny we share
Where do we come from, whence do we go
The people we meet, those we love and care.

Nothing explains the twinkle in an eye
The passing smile, a thought in the mind
Wondrous indeed are the sights we see
Amazing the sounds of breeze and its kind.

A chance of a call, from someone unknown
A sudden connection unseen, untold
Yet one knows them from some distant past
Our lives woven tapestry still left to unfold.

Billy Sidhu
Billy Sidhu

Billy, a proud Army daughter and wife, spent the better part of her life across the cantonments in India. She has taught for over 25 years, inculcating her love of the language in her students. She started writing a few years ago and self-published ‘Simply Me’, a book of poems penned from the heart, capturing the intensity of emotions and life itself. When she’s not writing, she paints and sketches. She lives in Goa.

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4 thoughts on “Mysterious Ways”

  1. Have known Billy all my life and have read and appreciated the beautiful vignettes she creates of myriad seemingly common but actually some unique aspects of everyday life and experience.Her simple evocative and touching poetry is surely going to endear her to her readers
    May you go places Bills!

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