What I Learnt During Lockdown

What I Learnt During Lockdown

That I am healthy and alive and that’s the important thing
that I am safe in my home and so are all my loved ones
that I can live comfortably in just three sets of clothes
that I can cook my own food and find it very satisfying
that I am filled with gratitude each and every day
that I have wonders around me I didn’t realise before
that I only need the comfort of my bed when the night comes
that I value peace at home more than anything else
that I can turn to music to soothe my weary soul
that I can take a break from life and the world will still spin
that I know now words can hurt but they can also heal
that I miss hugging the people I love so much
that I see nature does not discriminate between the rich and poor
that I and the others have learnt a lot from seeing death up close. 

Billy Sidhu
Billy Sidhu

Billy, a proud Army daughter and wife, spent the better part of her life across the cantonments in India. She has taught for over 25 years, inculcating her love of the language in her students. She started writing a few years ago and self-published ‘Simply Me’, a book of poems penned from the heart, capturing the intensity of emotions and life itself. When she’s not writing, she paints and sketches. She lives in Goa.

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Image Credit : Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

1 thought on “What I Learnt During Lockdown”

  1. Billy-you put my thoughts into words! Thank you!
    Indeed, a lot of clutter, weather it is of the mind or material has come to the foreground for me. Hopefully by the end of all this I would have purged it!

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