A Ray of Sun

A ray of sun 

True sunshine cracked the boards,

Touched my irritated wet feet.

Swift blooms sang with green crowds, 

With the twitter of flying folk in the heat.

A faraway pleasant cloud in sight 

As wild odours encompass the air,

The sky smiles in regurgitating light, 

To land that’s no more a sombre bare!

Sunshine has brought a furtive progress,

Now will clouded minds awaken and stir

Surely an endured hiatus…

wait! cool winds blow with a little whirr! 

I whisk the hair of my face 

Breathe a convivial breath

Lustrous sky steals a cloudy gaze 

As warmth wraps in a springy stealth. 

Gayathri Durairaj

Gayathri Durairaj
Gayathri Durairaj

Gayathri Durairaj is a author, poet, global nomad and an economist by training, has run a parents’ writers club in American school of Bombay from 2016 to 2018. She helped spearhead three of their anthologies.
Her first book of poems titled ‘Quintessential Me’ was published in June 2018 and she is currently working on the next. 
She has lived many countries and currently lives in Hong Kong. Her works have been published  in many magazines like Ariana, Beyond Boundaries and the ASB online magazine.  In addition to her blog and her verbal bits on Instagram, she contributes regularly to the Oopss.in website for short stories and poems. She finds pleasure in the simplest of things.

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