Winter Sparrow

Winter Sparrow

I still remember the ruckus you made,
flittering around the house on those little legs of yours.

Your vain attempts to build a home,
tell-tale signs strewn all over the room
indicating you had visited.

I never missed you while you were gone,
even at the sound of death approaching your door,
I paid no heed.

Now in my dreams, you rise like a phoenix.
Above the incessant city din, above all the noise,
I catch a glimpse of you, and my heart skips a beat.

I see you there on my window sill,
twig in mouth, an incomplete house, and
I find myself saying,
“go on ahead, winter sparrow, build and build away.”

Shivani Wadehra
Shivani Wadehra

Shivani is an environmental economist by profession. She enjoys yoga, writing, playing tennis, and spending time with her pet, Romy.

4 thoughts on “Winter Sparrow”

  1. Beautiful Shivani …
    Now I’ll definitely pay more attention to the winter sparrow… And it will remind me of you..

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