15 Tips For Living Consciously

Emotions like fear, anxiety, doubt and uncertainty affect both our mental and physical well-being. To achieve the overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit, one must rebalance one’s energy. Towards this end, I have compiled 15 tips for living consciously, after years of accumulating holistic knowledge about energetic and artistic practices, as well as my own exploration into wellness. When enough of these are combined together, it gets excellent results to live a striving, mindful, and happy life.


  1. Get Time For Yourself And Self-Care
    Have a nice bath, meet a friend, laugh, read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee at leisure because you deserve and need some “me time”.
  2. Eat Fresh And Nutritious Food
    Boost your immune system with fruits, vegetables and nuts to develop a strong immune system. Food is medicine and what we put in our bodies will affect not just our digestion but also o
    ur emotions, mood and energy levels. Check your intake of sugar, wheat and packaged food. Consume less meat and more vegetables.
  3. Spend Time In Nature And Practice Mindfulness
    It is rejuvenating to walk and hike in around nature. It is especially good to take a break when you get stuck creatively or spend hours on screen working from home. Looking at details, like the colours, shapes and beauty of trees, flowers, or birds can be very therapeutic. Nature can heal, only if you pause, and immerse yourself in it. It will naturally rebalance the energy in your body by releasing your tensions and bringing you feelings of peace and serenity.
  1. Meditate
    Listen to soothing sounds, pause and take a ‘Time-out’. Learn a bit about meditation and breathwork to make it a more in-depth inner experience. This can bring you in an altered state of consciousness (beta/theta brainwaves), so you can operate at a higher, more creative and inspired level. Meditation can be as simple as playing an instrument. For example, I find the sound of a flute, the violin and harp the most relaxing for me to achieve a deeper state of consciousness. Breathwork calms one’s mind. Watch your thoughts, observe them quietly and let them pass until the mind quiets down. We are human ‘BEings’, not ‘Doings’! We need to take a time out when we feel the need for it. Listen to your body, including any ache and pains you may be experiencing. What are they trying to tell you? Sometimes you should just BE, rest or do nothing. 
  2. Let Go And Detach
    Learn to avoid getting too emotionally involved to stay sane. It is a great tool to prevent fear from ruling our lives. You can feel, but you do not need to dwell too deep into it. Surfing the waves of emotions, letting go and forgiving practices are also useful to not accumulate too much bitterness, resentment, grief and blockages.
  3. Patience And Acceptance
    There is a divine timing for events, opportunities and people to show up in our life. I believe in synchronicities and things being energetically connected. Cultivate patience and practice acceptance of whatever comes your way.  
  4. Raise Your Frequency And Natural Health
    The Scientific studies and findings of Hawkins’s scale of consciousness teach us that emotions have different frequencies and affect our energy levels. Low emotions like anger, fear, hate, for example, will affect your health and can cause cancers or other chronic illnesses if accumulated for too long. Joy, love and peace, on the other hand, are the best healers and are the highest on the scale of emotions. They affect us positively unlocking good health and inspiration. Use more Natural remedies, raw vegetarian food, detoxing practices and aromatherapy to boost your frequency.
  1. Pray And Have Faith That All Will Be Well
    Praying for yourself, loved ones, the world, and the earth opens the heart and brings compassion. Setting aside religion, I see praying as an intimate way to connect with higher realms of consciousness no matter who you believe in. When prayers are made with an open heart (be it a call for help, a wish, an intention or desire) they are very powerful. Faith is stronger than hope as there is certitude it will be done.
  2. Love And Laughter
    Love is the most powerful force there is. Love yourself and be of service to others. Laugh with a friend, watch a funny movie to lighten up. Try not to take things too personally and seriously all the time. Be with loved ones and cherish moments you have together. 
  3. Be Grateful 
    Practice gratitude daily. It is also a very powerful way to unlock resistance in your life. Giving thanks will help in positively shifting your energy.
  4. Know Yourself And Acceptance
    It’s always good to discover more about ourselves and our purpose in life. There are plenty of self-help resources available to get a higher perspective on our lives.
  5.  Find A Passion And Be Creative
    It can be an activity or purpose that gets you excited. Join a group of likeminded peers to make it more fun. Try new things like art, sports, music or DIY projects. Art and music are both therapeutic and help in calming the mind. They inspire creativity and help in expressing feelings and emotions. Who knows you may discover a new talent or skill you didn’t know you had.
  6. Do Yoga And Get Massages
    Movement and breath are great to release tensions in the body and to stay flexible. Body/ feet/back/neck massages are amazing to unwind and remove tightness in muscles that get created by tensions, emotions or physical strains. 
  7. Explore Sound Healing
    Tibetan or crystal bowl, gong sound healing, natural sound are great to explore. 
  8. Try Energy Healing
    It helps to realign your body, mind and heart and activate your self-healing. It is a fast and effective way to get back on track energetically when meditation and self-care don’t seem enough. Infinite Sekhem, Reiki and Ho’ponono are some types of energy healing. See what resonates with you.

Now that you know the 15 tips for living consciously, the challenging part is to start, and understand what works for you. Have resilience and the faith to keep at it until these tips become habitual. 

Leslie Lachiche
Leslie Lachiche

Leslie Lachiche is an advanced Infinite Sekhem khrem practioner, healer, a life path intuitive,aromatherapy enthusiast, creative, multi-disciplinary Artist, teacher and art tutor with a background in fashion Design. She is also been teaching Art and developing the creative mind and artistic skills of adults and children. Here to bring creativity, beauty, expression, wisdom, healing and raise collective consciousness. Bridging Art/ design and channelling quantum spiritual energy.
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  1. What a lovely write up. Need to read this every morning for a few days to make good habits. Thanks

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