An introduction to Sekhem Krhem Healing

An ancient healing practice, Sekhem is regarded as the original source of energy healing, often considered the mother of Reiki which originated much later in Japan. Sekhem means “almighty” or “authority” in a spiritual sense. It is a philosophy, an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of early Egyptian times (pre-dynastic times), and was initiated and practised only by the Egyptian priesthood. A healing system of channelled energy, it uses symbols drawn over the body to direct the energy with a hands-on approach. It is known to bring higher states of consciousness and raise the frequency of oneself to a purer state of unconditional love, joy, calm and peace where healing can occur.

How does this energy work?

Sekhem helps release deeply held thought patterns in the physical, emotional (astral), causal, mental and etheric bodies. It is a complete healing system of wisdom that balances both the masculine and feminine energies of power and change. As a tool for transformation, it accelerates our personal development and skill at energy healing, aiding us in achieving our full potential.

The Sekhem practice involves channelling energy flow from source and earth into the heart then hands. It is given via touch, directed via symbols drawn over the body to transfer different energy attributes to the receiver. 

Clients lay down comfortably face up. You do not need to do anything; allow yourself to be open to receiving and relax your mind and body. Some people fall asleep; others drift to an altered state of consciousness and feel the warmth of energy being passed on to them. Sekhem healing brings about release from where it’s most needed. Crystals can increase chakras cleansing.

This ancient healing practice realigns energy centres in the body, activates self-healing within, and enables energy flow throughout the body, leaving you reenergized, balanced, peaceful, loved and rested. It naturally dissipates dense low energy by drawing it out of the body and transmuting it to light via the earth. It is a fantastic non-invasive holistic way to heal and grow. 

How and where can it help?

Energy cleansing our bodies is as important as keeping a clean home. This energy enters and balances the areas of body, mind, emotions, and spirit where healing is most needed. Sekhem is used for stresses related to any area of your life, such as marriage, relationships, work etc. You can use it for relief from anxiety, stress, pain, fear, imbalance, mental fog, confusion and overthinking. The frequency of healing is adapted to each one’s needs; how often we cleanse our inner temple is up to our path and intentions. Decluttering etheric bodies will prevent and help to address dis-ease and other mental/emotional issues in a gentle, loving way. 

The Many Benefits of Infinite Sekhem 

  • Assists’ in manifesting goals and intentions
  • Realigns and balances energy centres (chakras)
  • Dissipates blockages, past wounds, heavy and low energy (fear, anxiety, stress, trauma etc.)
  • Energizes and builds confidence and strength
  • Promotes deep relaxation and peace 
  • Increases mental clarity and raises one’s frequency
  • Increases intuition and potential abilities
  • Helps in feeling whole and present
  • Increases awareness of who we are and our relationships 
  • Accelerates evolution, growth, spiritual development and ascension process

“Sekhem energy assists you to take responsibility for your life; to heal, to growth both personally and spiritually so you can become more of who you really are”, Helene Belot (Australian Energy Master who reintroduced Sekhem to the modern world in the 1990s). 

Leslie Lachiche
Leslie Lachiche

Leslie Lachiche is an advanced Infinite Sekhem khrem practitioner, healer, a life path intuitive, aromatherapy enthusiast, creative, multi-disciplinary Artist with a background in fashion design. She is also been teaching Art and developing the creative mind and artistic skills of adults and children. Here to bring creativity, beauty, expression, wisdom, healing and raise the collective consciousness. Bridging Art/ design and channelling quantum spiritual energy.

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