Spreading Smiles

Founder Dr SK Dhingra with two students

The Beginning of Spreading Smiles

On 4th March 2019, Gurugram residents woke up to news of a horrific fire in Nathupur Basti razing 80 ‘jhuggis’. The 1500+ residents are primarily migrants from West Bengal – the men work as garbage collectors-cum-segregators, rickshaw pullers and daily wagers, and the women as domestic maids. 

Wanting to help the distressed people, the ‘Sharing our Blessings’ group, comprising residents of Central Park -1, contacted coordinator Dr SK Dhingra. He listed the urgent requirements and reached out to our condominium residents. A massive collection drive generated a week’s supply for an average family of four and a friend donated 80 pressure cookers.

The 62-year Veterinarian and Founder Director of Spreading Smiles Charitable Trust (SSCT) recollects his first close encounter with Nathupur dwellers, “In February 2014, my domestic maid’s ‘jhuggi’, and 62 others, were burnt down. Along with some volunteers, we set up relief camps for these victims. We continued assisting them and noted none of the 600+ children attended school. Instead, they loitered, gambled, smoked or were ragpickers.”

L – Children eating amid rubble of their fire razed homes
C – Nathupur children after taking their free covid vaccines
R – Children getting hot Milo on a cold morning

Spreading Smiles through Education 

Feeling the necessity to educate the younger generation and integrate them into society, Dr Dhingra, teacher Bharti Bhati and other volunteers went home to home convincing parents to send their children to school. 

Bharti, 30, recalls, “We found and focused on numerous unattended children in homes where both parents worked. At times, we literally had to carry them to school, attend classes, and gave them free mid-day meals.”

These dedicated efforts resulted in the single-roomed ‘Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra’ (SSGK) opening on 16th February 2015 as a preparatory school for KG to Class 4 students. During these formative years, holistic education, uniforms and stationery is provided to first time learners. Also included are computer training, sports, music, dance, yoga, meditation and educational tours. Benefactors celebrate special occasions and festivals with SSGK children, which helps strengthen family values, and social and cultural barriers are replaced by progressive attitudes. 

Starting with 30 students and one teacher sitting on durries on the floor, SSGK soon got desks and continued the strength increased to a full-capacity 150. There is a long waiting list, but lack of funds and space are the obstacles towards enhancing present premises and increasing student numbers.  

Backed by 11 years’ experience teaching socially disadvantaged children, Bharti, joined SSGK a month after its inception. “Language was a hurdle. The children spoke / understood Bengali. We were Hindi speakers. Starting with teaching basic Hindi, we moved to English. Among these first-time entrants were many talented and diligent students, and some rebellious and disinterested whom we worked harder with. Support and positive feedback of grateful parents seeing their wayward children transforming through education, has been our reward.” 

The Founder continues, “Next, children transfer to mainstream schools in Class 5, studying till Class 12 CBSE Board. Due to early years lost for late-comers to SSGK, the biggest task when entering reputed mainstream schools, is requesting teachers to put our meritorious students in higher, age-specific classes. Spreading Smiles pays these students’ school fee, extra tutorial classes, stationery, mid-day meals and transportation. Presently 200 students are in this category. Our teachers are continuously updated on their progress.” 

L – Sports Award winners with Dr SK Dhingra_Aditi Ma’am and Bharti Ma’am R – Teacher Bharti Bhati taking a class

Strategic Planning

“In retrospect, we have learnt that teaching children is the easier process in the entire cycle. Influencing the mind-set of their parents to value education has been difficult. The tangible impact is that national averages show 90% of SSGK students, (44% girls and 56% boys), attend classes against 37% attendees in other schools. During Covid, Android phones were provided to 50 students for online classes,” reveals the doctor.

“SSGK’s Three Pillars’ approach, firstly, provides free education and meals while addressing social, economic and cultural barriers which encourage vulnerable children to attend school. Next, volunteers proactively sensitise the community influencers to ensure that dropouts and absentees are minimal. Combining value based formal education with life skills, builds children’s confidence, leadership and interpersonal skills. Spiritual tools through meditation and yoga form a foundation of human values,” details Dhingra.

Meritorious Students

Competent Kajal, daughter of a housemaid and garbage collector, initially studied at SSGK for three years. Family moved to West Bengal where she continued schooling. At 16, while in class 10 she was married off to a construction worker who opposed further studies. She divorced him, rejoined school, cleared her Boards excellently and shifted to Bangalore with her parents. She pursued diplomas in computers and accountancy simultaneously. Now working in a takeaway restaurant, earning Rs 16,000 per month, Kajal continues further studies. Spreading Smiles supported her financially throughout her studies till she started earning.

Garima Joshi, 12, despite being born with a cleft lip and palate and having undergone 10 corrective surgeries and procedures, is a brilliant topper. The Class 7 student at Vidya School, Gurugram, writes short stories, composes poetry, is a dancer and recipient of numerous awards and certificates. The only child of homemaker Kalpana and driver Vipin, Garima aspires to become a doctor. 

Over the phone her chirpy voice recites Robert Frost’s inspirational ‘The Road Not Taken’ 

Two roads diverged in a wood.

And I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference. 

Garima ends with sage advice: “Don’t lose heart if you have problems. We have to fight to overcome them.” 

L – On a trip to National Rail Museum, New Delhi C – A trip to India Gate, New Delhi R – SSGK studends at a childrens park

Improving Nathupur Facilities

Dhingra specifies, “For the 1500+ marginalised families, SSCT has installed and improved toilets, street lights, drainage system and metalled roads. Other facilities include 24×7 pure UV drinking water, setting up medical camps for free check-ups, health supplements, sanitary pads, Covid testing and vaccinations. Additionally, trees and vegetable planting drives and workshops on cleanliness, personal hygiene and health camps are conducted. During Covid dry rations, basic essentials and cooked meals were supplied for almost a year.”

Dr Dhingra closes the interview with, “Given an opportunity, every child’s inbuilt talent needs to be groomed adequately. I will make sure in my lifetime, no one leaves SSGK without receiving basic education. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has rightly said ‘Your actions have power. Uplift someone today. Change their World’.”

Dr SK Dhingra
Mobile: +91-9811611402
Address: S-34, DLF Phase 3, Nathupur, Gurugram, 122002, Haryana, India
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVFsn1xRCYw&authuser=0

Amita Sarwal
Amita Sarwal

After studying and practicing homeopathy for 10 years, Amita Sarwal changed career paths. Since 1973 she has been writing on lifestyle, personalities, architecture, interiors and travel.
While in Singapore, with Editions Didier Millet she was Editor for pictorial encyclopedias, books and magazines.
Her personal milestone continues to be The Spirit of SKV  Chronicle of a Girls’ School, written to mark the Golden Jubilee (2006) of her alma mater, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior. To showcase the exemplary work being done by Changemakers / Unsung Heroes, Amita now focuses on writing about how they are elevating lives of the underprivileged.

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  1. Such an amazing & inspiring article written by Ms Sarwal. Thank you Amitaji for bringing this unsung hero’s work to everyone’s notice. Dr Dhingra’s commitment for Nathupur basti is really commendable and having seen this work with my own eyes, can vouch for the genuineness. Keep up the good work Dr Dhingra ! You are touching many lives

    1. So nice of you Rakhee jee for your kind words and being always ready to help the underprivileged and supporting the noble cause

      1. It takes a lot of efforts & compassion for leading such a social setup for underprivileged children. I highly appreciate Dr Dhingra for such a commendable job. My Salute to him for taking out time from his busy schedule for this community & securing their present & future. We all Love you Doctor for all the great work you’re doing. Keep it up .Wishing you more power & vigor for this great work in service of man kind.

    2. Thank you for your kind words Rakhee. It’s the dedication of Dr Dhingra and his team that provided the inspiration to write about them.

    3. Dear Rakhee, it’s the dedication of Dr Dhingra and his team that provided the inspiration to me to write about them.

  2. How absolutely amazing this journey has been for the Nathupur dwellers with the help of SSCT. Small efforts making a grand difference in the lives of so many! Amitaji has beautifully captured all of it in this well written heart warming article! Bravo – CP residents for taking that first step and huge thanks to SSCT and Dr. Dhingra for their relentless efforts. Love the stories of the brave women of Nathupur who ended up doing so well in spite of so many adversities!

    1. My sincere thanks to CP 1 residents and SSCT for their continued support and Rakhi jee for your encouragement and blessings

      1. Beautiful article written by Ms. Amita Sarwal.
        Highly appreciate your effort to highlight the noble work
        Done by Dr. Shashi Dhingra and his team.

        It’s amazing to see Dr. Dhingra working with enthusiasm
        Not just for the kids, but for the families too.

        Let us all join hands with SSGK team and Dr. Dhingra and contribute in whatever way we can.

        1. Dear Asha, appreciate your kind words. But to write any story, one needs the right motivation. It came here from the dedication of the Spreading Smiles team led by Dr Dhingra. We too are fortunate to be associated with them.

    2. Dear Rakhi, it becomes easier to translate other people’s labour of love into words. Appreciate your kind words.

  3. Thank you Amita jee for a beautiful write up and all the encouragement, help n support that you have provided to us. Really grateful from the bottom of my heart🙏

  4. Since I have seen this personally, Salute to Dr. Dhingra for the Commendable work and untiring spirit towards welfare of the people of Nathupur basti.

    And Amita ji – loved reading the article and how beautifully you have described about the work being done by Dr. Dhingra and all others who are part of this journey working towards betterment of the people.

    1. Dear Muskaan, am glad to be a part of the Core Four team of Sharing our Blessings of Central Park-1 with you, Rakhee & Deepanjali to reach out to help Dr Dhingra when needed.

  5. Thank you so much Amita jee for the commendable story about Spreading Smiles. I am one of the volunteer who is working very closely with this project.

    1. Dear Radhika, congrats! It’s people like you who are responsible for ‘Spreading Smiles’ among the socially disadvantaged.

    2. Dear Radhika, it’s people like you who ‘Spread Smiles’ and make it easier for us to write about the results.

  6. Thanyou Amita ji loved reading the Artical .Beautifully you have described about the work being done by Dr Dhingra .

  7. Excellent article by Amita Sarwal in promoting the cause for Spreading Smiles. Perhaps her piece will motivate us to contribute and give time for the organization.
    Wishing you good luck for your passion to help the needy children .

    1. Dear Uma, it’s friends like you who have always stepped in to support Dr Dhingra’s work – which motivates me to write about it.

  8. Amita Sarwal is passionate in helping the cause of underprivileged children . The article on Spreading Smiles speaks of the dedication of Dr Dhingra & Dr Bharti . It should motivate us to contribute znd give time for this earthy cause

    1. Uma jee I remember you took all the efforts to come all the way with clothes toys books collected from CP 1 residents for the underprivileged. Thnx for your support🙏

  9. It is very inspiring and amazing msg introduced by Amita Sarwal. Loved to know the ability and talent of the children falicitated by Dr Dingra’s dedicated team.God bless such dedication which inspire others.

    1. Dear Chandrika, Thank you for always being there to help the underprivileged. This leads me to write & tell others about the work being done by people like Dr Dhingra.

  10. Amita ji thanks for bringing all the commendable and the hard work taken by Dr Dhingra for the Nathupur Basti.The article on spreading smiles will motivate many to contribute and give time to this cause.Salute to Dr Dhingra for his efforts and wish him all the best

    1. Dear Anjala, it gives me immense pleasure when my words motivate others to help deserving causes like ‘Spreading Smiles’

  11. Thanks to all the CP 1 residents for their sincere efforts to support the noble cause and for all the encouragement and blessings to carry on the sewa work

  12. Such a wonderful and Nobel job Mr Dhingra!
    I wish more and more people join you and contribute for this sewa.
    Blessings to the team !

  13. I have had the pleasure of having known Dr. Dhingra for a while. Am very appreciative of the work he is doing. Advertises are one too many. God bless him.

    1. I am grateful to you Sir for introducing our NGO to so many donors and for always being there to help us in difficult times🙏

  14. Doing Nobel work for uplifting the slump young ones
    Keep it up
    May God give you more strength for further

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    I wish him & his team best wishes , great success in years to come .

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    He has devoted lot of time and energy for noble cause.
    God bless him.

  19. All the best for your work Shashiji I think these students will learn to help needy persons They will be ideal citizens of our great country Thus the holy work will continue for years and generations to come

  20. Mr. Dhingra is doing amazing sewa, he is divine soul , with a vision to serve the society as AOL faculty, not only this he is part of various other social welfare activities, I have personally visited this school and loved to be with all kids over there . They all are like part of family , so well taken care of . My lots of best wishes , blessings to Me. Dhingra

    1. @Amita, great write up on Dhingra sir. I and my organization have been associated with him since few years. He and his team’s selfless efforts are truly commendable.
      His efforts will make a progressive future generations for sure.
      Wish him and his team a great future.

  21. Thanks for writing this article. It’s beautifully written covering all aspects of Spreading Smiles. Appreciate your understanding the issues and putting it forth in words. Dr Dhingra has been doing social work throughout his life and our blessing and support is always there for him.

    1. Very kind of you, Kishore. When the work being done is so inspiring, words to describe it flow naturally.

  22. Amazing work done by Dr Dhingra for the underprivileged children.
    It’s amazing to see the dedication of his staff & colleagues.
    Wishing you all the best to help more people in the near future

  23. A very kind hearted philanthropic social service being rendered by my beloved friend Dr shashi Dhingra towards upliftment of the socially and economically deprived children for their education and welfare. It shows his real concern for the betterment of poor and downtrodden. I miss no words while appreciating his noble, laudable service,. His great job indeed deserves my standing ovation, thank you Dhingraji.

  24. Dr Dhingra is doing great service to humanity by providing education and other support. Keep up the great work

  25. Beautiful article and great work being done at Spreading Smiles. We need to support such initiatives if we wish to see India rise.

    1. Yes Aanchal you are right, we need more people to join in and support the cause financially too.

  26. Dr. Sashi Dhingra is doing a wonderful job in the upliftment of the economically and socially backward children. I wish him all the success and proud to be his batchmate. Keep it up

  27. It says when we educate our children, we strengthening our country. As I know Dr Dhingra uncle is a kind hearted person and giving education to the kids who are just treated as a beggar is a commendable work. “Every child is talented” has proven by Dr Dhingra. And of course the credit goes to Amita sarwal to presented it so nicely.
    A Great selfless social service done by Dr Dhingra and his team ❤️👏

    1. Dear Preeti, it truly gives me pleasure to write about and share the work being done by people like Dr Dhingra and his team.

  28. amazing work amazing work by Doc Dhingra, needless to say, his and his family’s dedication towards the growth of what’s going to be our next generations to come, is beyond commendable and makes us proud to know such people who are willing to go through such great lengths for such important social causes. Hard to find people like these ✨

  29. Dr Dilip Ghorpade says 9th August
    Dear Dr Shashi Dhingra
    Feeling very proud to see your dedication & hard work for the upliftment of the downtrodden people of the Nathapura area of the Gurgaon particularly the children by providing them education facilities and their needs.I salute you for your selfless efforts & wish you every success in this noble journey

  30. It takes lot of efforts&compassion for leading such a social set unfortunate underprivileged children. I highly appreciate Dr Dhingra for such a commendable job.My salute to him for taking out time from his busy schedule for this community & securing their present and future. WE all love you Doctor for the great work you are doing. Keep it up. Wishing you more power & vigor for this great work in service of humanity

  31. To fulfill the dream of underprivileged slum dwellers children the social work of Dr. Shasi Dhingra is not only praise worthy but it speaks about his commitment towards bringing up of such valued friends above property line inspite of his own personal difficulties.
    Without your wonderful support and patronage life of the children would have been devastated. These underprivileged flowers of the society will definitely stand on their own feet to accomplish their wildest dreams.
    Needless to say that without the help of your support to bring the smile on these faces would not have been possible. Me and my family pray to the almighty God that you and your family should remain healthy and safe forever to serve the mankind.

  32. Beautifully written article by Amita Sarwal ,your effort to highlight the noble work done by Dr Dhingra and his team is highly appreciated.
    It’s amazing to see Dr Dhingra working with dedication and enthusiasm not only for the kids ,but also for their families.Let us join hands with him and contribute in whatever way we can.
    My blessings and love to all .

    1. Asha, you will agree, it’s filfilling work like Dr Dhingra’s that does need to be written about and showcased to the world. Grateful if you can spread the article further.

  33. Shashi you are gem of a person, feel proud to have a friend like you, thank God. God may fulfill your all wishes

  34. Very nice work being done here…thank you Mr. Shashi Dhingra for your amazing contributions and for your social work.

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    However do work we do it and why we chose to do it are the then pillars than solidify the growth of any decision we take all should whole heartley support him for well
    Dr.N.P Dakshinkar
    DSVCKV, Durg

    1. Yes it’s possible to Spread Smiles among underprivileged because of support from you and all my friends who have contributed to the cause

  36. Dr Shashi Dhingra is our great friend,
    He is uplifting the downtrodden ,poor children’s and even their families.
    By educating the Nathapur , poor childs
    he is doing real Samaj Seva.
    We salute to his noble work.
    We all are proud of Dr.Shashi Dhingra.
    Simply we can say is a great Human with humanity.Thank you , Jai Hind.

  37. Dear Shashi Dhingra,

    Feeling so happy and proud for the work you do for social cause for those who are so very much in need, underprivileged children from slums and their parents who cannot afford to feed and education the struggle to survive due to poverty.

    We need more people like you and all people like you to join hands for the upliftment of the poor and the underprivileged as in the society as not everyone has guts to do so.

    So, I appreciate and thankful to you for doing all these work for the betterment of society without expecting returns. All the best, keep it up. May God shower his blessing on you for the hard work.
    Spreading Smiles

  38. Dr.Shashi you are doing a wondrful job.It should be considered as God’s service. I will be proud to tell everyone that you are my friend.God bless you

  39. I have privilge to out down few appreciating works for my best friend Dr.Shashi Kumar Dhingra, who is striving hard with dedication & sincerity to bring smile in Real sense on the face of slum children to raise them efficiently ad responsabile Youth of Young India.As a human,I appreciate the exceptinal welfare work of dr.Dhingra & wish all the success to him & his team in this nobel work.

    1. It is my proud privilage to appreciate gigantic task initiated by my best friend dr.Shashi Kumar Dhingra of spreading smile on the face of slum children.Dr.Dhingra is doing this Herculien task with full dedication.I support Dr.Dhingra & his teams nobile cause & wish them all success in their endevours in future.

      1. This gigantic task is made easy due to support in different ways from so many blessed souls in the society who have joined hands with me to make the project successful

    1. A huge effort amongst extremely trying and challenging circumstances

      Congrats Dr.Dhingra ji for all your hard work and successful consistent Sewa. You are great inspiration for many. Keep it up. Whatever chance I get to contribute in this yagya, I will not leave it. If any fabric requirment please let me know I can arrange it from my factory.

  40. Great work Dhingraji bhaiya🙏
    Your dedication towards this noble cause is really commendable. You are an inspiration to us. Blessed to be the part of it in my small little way.

  41. We have had the fortune of interacting with Dr. Dhingra and other team members a few times and have always been inspired by their purity of purpose. Our daughter has been fortunate to celebrate her birthdays with kids at spreading smiles for 3 years before Covid. We enjoy visiting the school and interacting with the kids. Wonderful to seem them learning and growing in spaces of life.

    Hope to collaborate more with Dr. Dhingra and team in future as well.

    All the best. Keep doing the good work that you guys are doing. We feel proud of being associated with the project. God bless.

    1. Vishal, Nishu n Avni dear stay blessed. U have been a huge support both financially and physically too. Our kidz still remember time spent with u all especially our Rail museum trip with you. Thanks for being there.

  42. I have seen Dr dhingra and his team working tirelessly for this school. There are no words to describe the kind of work they are doing. My hand folded regards to him and his team. Jai gurudev.

    1. Thank you Urvashi jee for your consistent monetary support and for adopting one of our girl child’ education
      Stay blessed

  43. Such a noble cause requires huge committment and faith to achieve the successful operations of the school. There are hundreds of underprivileged families waiting for their children to get quality education. I have visited this school several times and I realise that it was Dr Dhingra ji’s grit and willpower who could offer such a service to the humanity.

    Dr Dhingra, there are blessings of millions of souls that are flowing to you because of your service to the needy. Future will see work of these blessed souls coming out of this school. Blessings to you and your team.

    1. So nice of you Piyush jee for your blessings, support and encouragement. Yes you have seen it grow

  44. थैंक्स ,Dr. शशि जी,इस महान पुन्य के काम मे गुरूजी,और प्रकृति का सदैव आशिर्वाद बना रहे। और आप सब सदा आगे विकास करते रहे ,आप सबको मेरा दिल से नमन। 😊
    Message from Indu Sharma

  45. Really appreciate n many many congratulations the whole team under the leadership of Dr dhingra Sir who is making n producing good energy n very productive for future Samaj .
    Very true statement A Rose blooms in the Mud.
    Again big big Salute to all of You.

  46. SSGK has been doing examplary work in Nathupur, Gurugram for many years now. Dr. Dhingra’s untiring devotion to this cause is inspirational. To be able to help the underprivileged is a blessing. A fantastic achievement indeed.

  47. I have known Dr Dhingra for the last 8 to 10 years and he has been doing an amazing job at Spreading Smiles. Thanks to Anita ji to bring forth this beautiful work that he and his team are doing. Wishing you the ver best. God Bless!!

    1. Marvelous work being done by Dr. SK Dhingra and team for underprivileged kids. He is a role model for many of us, how profoundly he is moving ahead with his vision to educate the new generation despite acknowledging they are from different ethnicity and religion, so they don’t ever resort again to unsocial activities for their living and survival.
      Awesome write up by Amita ji.

      1. Thank you Vikram, it’s the pleasure able duty of us writers to tell the world about people like Dr Dhingra.

    2. Thank you Amit, it’s the appreciative words of people like you who motivate me to write on people like Dr Dhingra

  48. Dr dhingra is a( Maseeha )for. These childern.
    I always say this.
    His dedication for these childern’s studies and thier good health is commendable .
    I know him since soooo many years.
    He is exteremly beautiful human being. He has a heart of gold.
    When he took this initiative
    I was with him .
    . We couldn’t breath there ,
    This place was full of garbage .
    But nothing could stop him.
    So I always salute him for his dedicated work.
    These childern are soo soo lucky to have him . Thier future is safe.
    Childern and thier families are safe under his guidance ,
    Amita Sarawal ji thanks a lots for this beautiful artical .
    Dhingra bhai
    Keep doing this unconditional sewa
    God bless you 🙏👌👍

    1. Yes Kamlesh di I remember your frequent visits to the basti, all strewn with garbage flies and bad odour everywhere. Only because of your blessings I could continue with this project. Now our school is at a bit better place bigger than previous one. Thnx for ur huge support

  49. Dr Dhingra.
    What a fantastic human..his devotion. dedication towards this project is inspiration..always in YES mode.. I am lucky to have a genuine human in my life.I appreciate his efforts in many folds of social upliftment ..

    Wish him good health.
    Blessings from GURUDEV🙌

  50. Dhingra ji is doing is a noble work. Though he may be providing education to kids but from a broader prospective , he is changing the life of their families.
    I have seen him work affectionately with the kids at SSKG.
    I totally thank him and respecting for his Contribution 🙏🏻 jai Gurudev

  51. Dr Dhingra is making great contribution to children and their family by providing education and taking care of their well being. He has been working tirelessly from last many years to uplift the area. Best wishes to entire team.

  52. Dr Dinara,

    What an awesome initiative & achievements. It is truly inspiring giving voice to voiceless & empowering the downtrodden. My best wishes to you & your students.

    Dr Dhingra, I would like donate a multimedia PC with Cordless mouse & keyboards to your students which I used for some time. It is in working condition & just need to be collected.

    All the best.

    Col Tyagvir Raghava

  53. Dhingra ji you are an amazing person working tirelessly for society and social cause, may Guru give you more n more power to bro g smile on their faces.

  54. Comments from Aashima
    Dhingra ji is doing is a noble work. Though he may be providing education to kids but from a broader prospective , he is changing the lives of their families.
    I have seen him work affectionately with the kids at SSGK.
    I totally thank him and respect him for his Contribution 🙏🏻 jai Gurudev

  55. Your service & commitment is truly inspiring. You have improved the lives of so many famiies
    More power to You Dhingraji
    God Bless

  56. Well written article about the good work done by Spreading Smiles. Thanks Amitaji. Proud to be the part of his family. l closely observe the efforts put in by the staff and Dr dhingra, highly appreciate the work of up lifting the poor people by Spreading Smiles team. My sincere thanks to all those who are supporting this noble cause.

    1. Dear Seema, yes, it’s noble people like Dr Dhingra who inspire us to write their stories. Am so glad to be able to help him in this small way.

  57. Truly commendable work being done by Dr Dhingra. He has been so consistent and dedicated in his efforts. Salute him for the great work he continues.

  58. Dr Dhingra is doing great service to society by taking care of underprivileged children and their families.
    I have seen the starting of School, how much pain he has talen to establish it.
    Since then, for last 7 years he has devoted his time, money .Wish him all the best

    Wish him all the best

    1. Thanks is a small word for all that u have done for Spreading Smiles at every step since 2015 …. helping us to get meals from AkshayPatra to financial help

  59. Article is very nicely describe a incredible personlity ..he is truly deserve ..Dr Dhingra ji a very kind ..calm and passionate personlity ..his social work towards the society is highly appreciable ….we salute u ..👏👍

    1. You are right Sheetal, when the personalities are incredible, it makes writing about such a pleasure.

    2. Thanks for adopting a girl child’ education and depositing Rs 2100 in the school account regularly

  60. Beautifully presented article Amita ji.
    Dhingra ji, since 2015, I have seen personally ,you are doing a very noble service for the underprivileged slum children and their families.
    May God bless you with more strength to continue the Sewa work for many many more years to come.
    Salute for your amazing work.

  61. I really appreciate hard work taken by Dr Dhingra for the Nathupur Basti.Spreading
    Smiles will motivate many to contribute for this Nobel work

  62. I loved Amitaji’s beautiful article on the journey of Sri Sri Gnyan Kendra at Nathupur under the able guidance of Dhingraji.
    Dhingraji has done a commendable job for the underprivileged children of Nathupur jhuggi for the past seven years and continues to do so. I had visited the place thrice and was amazed by the dedication and zeal with which this unsung hero works for the betterment of the less privileged children. I am deeply grateful to him for allowing me to make small contributions regularly for the cause.

    I salute Dhingraji for his amazing Seva work. May God bless him so that he continues to inspire others in this noble cause for years to come.

  63. I really liked the article. Very well articulated and truly describes the journey of Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra
    All words fall short when I look at the journey of spreading smiles Gyan Kendra. It started from a small room with 30 kids sitting on daris. The passion ;hard work and dedication of Dr Dhingra can not be matched and today spreading smiles is not only successful but has brought meaningful change in the slum kids in true sense. Leadership and contribution of Dr Dhingra in the growth of these children is commendable. His dedication and belief in the cause attracted me to do a small bit for school. I feel proud and blessed to part of the journey of spreading smiles under guidance of Dr Dhingra. He is truly an inspiration. I wish all the more sucess to spreading smiles.

    1. Dear Renu jee these achievements would not have been possible without your moral, financial and physical support. You being a trustee play a major role in its development. Thnx from the bottom of my heart

  64. Dear Renu, you obviously are a great supporter of Spreading Smiles. It’s appreciation received from benefactors like you, that make my task of writing about success stories like Dr Dhingra’s easier. Shukriya!

  65. Thank you so much Amita Maam for writing an article
    Of Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra and of me too..
    Maam you really encouraged me and it was the best of my
    times when I talked to you.
    You are really inspiring and a Very nice article writer too..
    Thanks for all your hard work in this🙏🙏
    Grateful for your Contribution and motivation maam..
    Dr. Dhingra Sir is very kind , Sympathetic, Generous and Helpful..
    I am really thankful to sir for this amazing beginning of Spreading smiles gyan kendra..
    Feel proud to be ex student of Spreading smiles Gyan Kendra..

    1. We are proud of you Garima. You have seen so many obstacles in your little life which has made you stronger. I am really proud of you, you have set an example for all our students. Wish you all the best in life

  66. Thank you Amita Mam for the inspiring beautiful article about our school. I am working for this project since it’s inception in 2015 and have seen it grow with sincere hard work of our Sir Dr Dhingra, who has dedicated his life for the service of poor.
    Feel proud to be part of the Spreading Smiles family.

  67. Very well story about Spreading Smiles Grange Kendraw Anita ma’am. Thanks to all volunteers who visit our school to engage with slum children. I am working for this noble cause since 2015 as a teacher here and really love my job to be with the little one.

  68. Dhingra sir, I have known you for 5-6 years now and I can safely quote that you are one of the most selfless person I have met. The work which you and your team have been doing for the needy children is truly commendable. The amount of effort, time and dedication you guys invest for the betterment of these children is unthinkable. I consider myself fortunate that I got the opportunity to get associated with the Spreading Smiles family. This Covid phase has created some gap, however I hope to see you all soon 🙂

    Anita ma’am, thanks a ton for writing such a lovely article about Dhingra sir and his team. I hope your article makes more and more people reach out to Spreading Smiles to support these children 🙂

    1. We are grateful to you Sir for all that you have done to uplift these children by associating with us. Stay blessed

  69. I am proud to be part of staff at Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra Nathupur. It’s a home like environment here. Sir takes care of all of us just like family.
    We celebrate our and volunteers birthdays n festivals here with slum children.
    Sir loves children and he always says he has 300 children❤️

  70. Thank you so much Amita ma’am for sharing such an amazing and real story about Spreading Smiles…I am a very proud and happy teacher at Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra…I have seen everybody working whole heartedly for the lovely kids especially sir he has given his everything to the kids with full dedication
    Everyday is wonderful with the kids and all other staffs we learn and teach each others
    It is my pleasure to be with Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra

  71. Dr Dhingra. You have brought God and Heaven on earth. All Tangible. Tactile.
    Hand son, From the Ground ,up, All so Real, in uplifting lives of children and their parents too for sure.
    And God blessed you His deputies, Bharti, Aditi and others.
    My only regret is that I was not there on the ground joining your team.
    Amita, bless you for make us more aware and grateful. Livleen Kahlon .

  72. This is truly humane and beautiful. Thank you for spreading awareness about this very important cause. Very well written Amita.

  73. Thankyou Ms Amita ji for writing a beautiful article on SSGK journey and it’s founder, Dr Dhingra who has been working tirelessly for such a noble cause. His dedication and commitment to uplift underprivileged kids and their family is unparallel!
    I have been visiting the school off and on and the smile on children’s face tell that how are they taken care with love from Dr Dhingra and his inspiring team. I salute to his amazing efforts!!🙏

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