Mahendra Bakle: Photographer and Cultural Explorer

Mahendra Bakle likes to capture life as is. Best known for his photographs of rural backdrops and people from the Indo-China region and south east Asia, Bakle’s strength lies in exploring and highlighting the cultural depths of the people and places he captures through his lens. In his own words “Travelling to these countries has changed me significantly. It has helped me grow at a personal level where I have become more flexible and developed patience. These countries have rich cultural values. My photography is inclined more towards showing different cultures through my photographs.” A resident of Maharashtra, India, Mahendra is the recipient of the 2019 Eyewin Awards Gold and has been awarded by China tourism.

Myanmar – Let the windows of mind and soul open to the divine golden light entering calmly

Myanmar – The golden catch in a golden light

Myanmar – The Dancing Fisherman having mastered the unusual and difficult technique on Lake Inle in Myanmar (Burma), the fishermen stand on one leg so that they can use the other to help them with the nets while fishing.

Thailand – “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart”

Thailand – The true joy of nature

Thailand – “The Golden Light”

Myanmar – The mind is like an umbrella. It is most useful when open.

Myanmar – As the water mirrors the sky, so does the mind reflect the true image of self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed

Myanmar – Where there is darkness, let there be light

Thailand – Every tattoo has a story to tell

To me, photography is the medium to communicate with the world and capture the true essence of life. It is also an art of observation that allows me to find something interesting in an ordinary place. Life is beautiful and photography can capture that beauty. Photography freezes moments to cherish it forever. As Helmut Newton said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” –Mahendra Bakle

Mahendra Bakle
Mahendra Bakle

Mahendra Bakle is a travel photographer based in India. Fascinated with photography since childhood, he decided to make it a career in 2001 when he bought his first digital compact camera. To purchase his prints you can contact him on his Instagram page. He also runs a printing and graphic designing business.


Picture Credit : Mahendra Bakle

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