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Globeracers is responsible for bringing ultra running to India in 2009, and has been conducting some of the most outstanding races on a par with the top races around the world. At the forefront of building a platform for people to test their endurance limits and achieve extraordinary goals, their races are set in spectacular, challenging and diverse terrains. From the Thar desert in Rajasthan, the Himalayas in Spiti, hills of Uttarkashi and gradients of Nilgiris to the salt plains of the Rann of Kutch and the urban wilderness of the trails of Bhatti Lakes, Globeracers is of the firm belief that everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary things and that each person’s best is completely personal.

Globeracers is the first endurance company in India to organise UTMB-qualifying races and hold RAAM qualifying cycle races. They have nurtured the athletes and the community, which now boasts of an India Ultra team representing India in 24 hours and 100 km world championships. In addition, Globeracers initiated an athlete’s fund in 2010 to sponsor, train and promote athletes in the area of endurance sports. 

Globeracers Ultra Beast Marathon

Earth Matters is the latest in the line up of sports events organised by Globeracers. With the specter of COVID 19 necessitating races going virtual, more often than not, medals and tees are being packaged into the motivation to keep fit. The Earth Matters initiative goes a step further and gives you the opportunity to make a difference by linking your health with that of the Earth by supporting the NGOs that are doing yeoman’s service in sustainability and conservation. Earth Matters has 3 global fitness leaderboards for individuals, teams, and the 6 continents, thereby giving every participant a chance to compete on a global platform in the activity of their choice for 30-days. 

Globeracers has entered into a partnership to help support non-profit organisations, such as WasteWarriors; Project Bio-Diversity; Tayu Jee; JVE; Women in Water and Natural Conservation; Feed Black Futures; and Velos Youth as they are now in danger of shutting down because of the pandemic affecting their financing sources. With the aim to fund these NGOs to sustain and continue the amazing work they are doing in their individual fields, 40% of the proceeds will go towards helping them

Earth Matters aims to have 40075 participants registering for the event globally to navigate the earth’s circumference. It’s simple – from Nov 15 to Dec 13, 20202, be it any sport or activity, the participants just have to log in their miles and step into a new era of a healthy partnership with life. There are no fixed number of miles or any one specified sport involved. The participants’ movements count – as long as they move, their miles count – be it from playing a sport, taking their dog for a walk or doing their chores. The more you move, the more your miles get logged in. 

Earth Matters

The emphasis on meeting one’s own goals is the perfect motivation to be at the starting line and is a great way to build one’s confidence. In addition to the immense satisfaction of knowing one’s fitness is for a good cause, having the added incentive of beating other regions should keep the participants moving as the more a region performs, the more the NGO benefits, over and above what has already been promised to it. At the very least, the difference could well be between lacing up one’s trainers or a night of watching TV in one’s pyjamas. 

The person behind the initiative, Kavitha Kanaparthi, is an avid long-distance runner and cyclist herself who ‘lives by sport’. Having introduced and nurtured ultra running and ultra-cycling in India through various race formats in the 12 years of working outdoors, Globeracers has been witness to the incremental changes in the climatic conditions and its impact on athletes. Earth Matters is an initiative to address this issue and make Earth fitter in synergy with you. 

Kavitha Kanaparthi

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