Raj Bhog

Raj Bhog – A delicacy from the Royal table of Bengal 

Raj Bhog


  • 4 liters whole milk
  • 6 tablespoons white vinegar 
  • 2 level teaspoons self-rising flour
  • 2 level teaspoons fine semolina 
  • 2 level teaspoons castor sugar 
  • 10-12 cups water 
  • 3 cups of sugar 
  • 1-2 open green cardamom pods 
  • Milk if needed 

Ingredients for filling 

  • 3 heaped tablespoons powder milk 
  • 5 -6 generous tablespoons fresh milk 
  • 14 ground almonds 
  • 14 ground pistachios 
  • Seeds of 5 cardamoms finely crushed 
  • 2 heaped tablespoons castor sugar 


  1. Bring the milk to a boil and switch off the heat. 
  2. Add in the vinegar and stir, the milk will curdle and separate into a cottage cheese-like consistency. 
  3. Line a sieve with a muslin cloth and strain the cottage cheese or paneer reserving the cheese and whey separately. 
  4. Gather the edges of the muslin together and make a poultice. Run this bag of paneer under flowing water to dispel all the sourness of the vinegar. 
  5. Squeeze out all the liquid and lay this paneer onto a large tray or thali. 
  6. Rub and lead this paneer well. 
  7. Add the self-rising flour, semolina, and 2 teaspoons of sugar and knead further. 
  8. If you feel the paneer is too dry and crumbly you may add a wee bit of milk to give it a softer texture. 
  9. Roll this paneer into 1.5-inch diameter balls. 
  10. Put the cups of water into a large pressure cooker and add the three cups of sugar and open cardamom pods.
  11. Heat this on a low flame until all the sugar fully dissolves.
  12. Bring this liquid to a full boil then lower the flame to a gentle simmer.
  13. Switch off the flame. 

For the filling

  1. In a small pan heat the milk and the powder milk, add nuts, cardamom and sugar, and stir on a low flame till a dough-like consistency is formed. 
  2. Allow this halva to cook, and once cooled roll into small marble-sized balls.
  3. Take one ball of paneer (previously prepared) flatten it and lay the halva ball in the middle. Cover this ball with the paneer and roll into a nice round shape 
  4. Do this with all the halva and paneer. 
  5. You should have approximately 8-12 balls all in all 
  6. Now bring the light sugar syrup to a boil and gently lower the stuffed paneer balls into the boiling syrup. 
  7. Cover without the whistle and cook till the paneer balls swell up and are fully cooked (around) 8-12 minutes.
  8. Cool and take each ball out of the syrup cut in half and serve.
Seema Puri Bhatia
Seema Puri Bhatia

Seema is the co-founder of Pranayum yogic teas, and shares her passion and knowledge for the culinary arts through her cooking venture “Spicy Abundance”.  She holds cooking demos, food and spiceology consultations, and does recipe development. Seema is also in the process of writing her own cook book.  She is a regular columnist with the Hong Kong based magazine Beyond the Boundaries, and has had her recipes featured in various other publications. With her roots in Kenya, she is currently residing in Hong Kong and travels back to her other home country India as often as she can.  

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Picture Credit : Kailash Kumar from Freepik

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