Sustainable Living Habits for the New Year

It has been a year since the pandemic began and we are still unravelling what the ‘new normal’ is in our daily lives. The pandemic has taught us to adapt, be patient, think of new ideas and has made us realise that humans are resilient. Apart from making us tough, it has made many of us think about where are we heading and what the future will look like for our children? Unfortunately what lies ahead for them is a polluted EARTH with climate change, food insecurity, depletion of natural resources and political instability globally.

As we step into 2021, let us try consciously to adapt a positive physical, mental, social and emotional outlook. Small steps of adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with increased physical activity, mindful eating, emotional and mental balance will go a long way for us humans and for the planet.    

Sustainable Living Habits for the New Year

A few sustainable tips for 2021 

  • Health: Increase your physical activity levels. Adopt different ways to keep yourself physically active. Practice meditation and yoga to calm yourself from within. Be mindful while eating and eat a healthy diet consisting of more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Cut down on the consumption of meat, trans fat to avoid inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. Limit the consumption of canned food that contains additives like corn syrup (HFCS), nitrates, sulphites and carrageenan which can trigger inflammatory response later in life.
  • Society: When possible, buy produce which is organically grown. Buy locally made or grown edible products which are less adulterated and generate revenue for local businesses. Avoid food wastage. Catering industries like restaurants and hotels should come together and collaborate with organizations who can distribute excess food to those in need. Follow the three R’S- Reduce, Recycle and Reuse when it comes to plastic and paper.

  • Environment: Decreasing meat consumption will do good to the planet and us. It will help in decreasing the exploitation of the land because of the usage of pesticides and fertilisers on crops needed to feed the cattle and poultry. The demand for water needed for processing meat will also go down as a result. Decrease the consumption of packaged edible goods like cereal, biscuits, pizza dough, cookies, and usage of products like lipsticks, nail polish, foundation creams as they contain palm oil. It is a cheap oil, that is widely used in various industries. Vast areas of flora and fauna are being cut to support the production of palm oil leading to the depletion of biodiversity in the forests. 

WE are the connecting link between these three factors. The imbalance caused by us in the environment over the years for our own benefit has resulted in nature’s fury. If we consciously try to improve our health by adopting a MANKIND attitude towards the environment and society the world will be a better place to live in.

Sonali Kaul
Sonali Kaul

Sonali moved to Hong Kong in 2007 from Mumbai where she was a practicing dentist. Her passion for food led her to start her catering business called Daawat by Sonali and she recently completed her Masters in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Apart from being a freelance writer, she is currently working as a Research Assistant at Queen Mary Hospital in Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine for one of their projects involving the health evaluation of preschool kids belonging to lower socioeconomic status.


Picture Credit : anncapictures from Pixabay

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