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As an artist, I’ve often been asked by potential buyers what they should keep in mind while scouting for art. This is especially true of first-time buyers or young couples just setting up home. While there is no specific checklist, I suggest keeping a few key aspects in mind to help you in making a decision. Here are some tips on buying art:

Take a look at this corner in a room – the wall and recliner are of warm colours – by placing a painting with warm colours on this wall, we enhance the colours of the painting as well as add to the warmth of the room. The entire corner looks cozy and inviting.
  • Try and visit a few art galleries, explore the online ones too, so you can identify the subject, colours, and style, and figure out what you like.

  • When you like a painting, the first thing to consider is whether you could live with the artwork as you would be looking at it hanging on your wall every day of your life. This, for me, is the most important aspect.

  •  Read about the artist so it gives you an insight into the person behind the work and what they are trying to convey. It also gives direction to your interpretation of the artwork.

  • Have a budget in mind, so you don’t splurge on an impulse. It’s ok to bring up the cost factor whilst talking to the artist, so they can guide you about the size of artwork that would fit in with your budget.

  • Keep in mind the décor, colours and the size of your space while choosing an artwork. It should fit the space you have in mind and enhance the area where it’s displayed.

  • Remember that the art you are buying isn’t necessarily a sure-shot investment and you are buying it because it sparks joy in you and your home. Art has the power to transform a drab room into a meaningful expression of your character.

  • Sometimes we just love an artwork on sight and its okay to go with that feeling. Art must truly speak to you and if you find something that does, just go with your instinct.

  • In case you aren’t sure of the piece you are buying, think about it further. It is also a good idea to get your significant others to come along to help you decide.
Take a look at this area of a drawing-room – the sofas are of a  neutral beige shade – the wall is a light pastel colour – by placing a forest painting with beige shades in the foreground – the entire look is enhanced. The painting stands out subtly and is noticed by visitors.

Once your mind is made up, go ahead and start your art collection. Remember when you are buying and owning art, the key is to choose something you love and then buy with confidence.

<strong>Kajal Nalwa</strong>
Kajal Nalwa

Kajal Nalwa is an alumni of Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai. With her first solo exhibition in 2002, inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Honourable Prime Minister of India, there has been no stopping her journey as an artist since, with several exhibitions in India, London and Riyadh over the past two decades. She draws inspiration from nature and women and the inter-relation between the two as “givers of life” .The medium of her work is oil on canvas using palette knife, acrylic on canvas, water colours and mixed media on paper. Her forthcoming solo exhibition is in Visual Arts Gallery,IHC,2021,New Delhi. She divides her time between Goa and Delhi.   


Photo credit  Kajal Nalwa
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11 thoughts on “Tips On Buying Art”

  1. Am amazing artist – paintings full of soul, whether’people’ or ‘nature’ or ‘Lord Ganesha’. Have seen her bloom and blossom from her very first exhibition – and yes – am a proud owner of beautiful portrait done by her. Am hoping to buy one of her goa landscapes very soon.
    To greater heights as an artist.

  2. Very relevant aspects while buying art. The article made some excellent points and truly, as she says, you buy art because it speaks to you.
    Thank you for the insights Kajal, I’m sure they would be helpful to everyone who wants to invest in art. Great piece!

  3. Your paintings reflect the person you are – calm , composed and beautiful inside and out.
    I am a proud owner of a portrait painted and presented to me by Kajal.
    Your tips to buying Art are all relevant and educative.

  4. Woo hoooo you amaze me no end Kajal. Earlier I was bowled over by your paintings now your writing skills. Go Girl you just ROCK. Just love your work.

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