दो चक्र

चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ,
धूल से ज़र्रा बन जाऊँ, 
आशीष मिला अपनों का,
दूर कहीं रश्मि उज्ज्वलता, 
क्षण क्षण में जीवन जी जाऊँ, 
आत्म शक्ति का संचार कर पाऊँ, 
चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ ________

चेहरे की लकीरें बुदबुदाती,
उम्र होने का अहसास कराती 
नहीं दी इजाज़त मैंने इनको 
तय कर पाए मेरी उम्र को,
चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ ___________

सुदृढ़ निश्चय जटिल है 
विपदाओं में भी अटल है 
पग गति अब न रूकेगी 
अम्बर को जब तक न छुएगी 
चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ ___________

आँधी बरखा तूफान आ जाए 
जोश क्या कोई बाँध पाए 
बढ़ते रहना एक ही ध्येय 
वश में करनी है प्रलय 
चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ _________

भोर सपने साकार हुए हैं 
कह गए साधु संत 
दो चक्र पंख बने हैं 
उड़ चली मैं बादलों संग 
चाह थी कुछ कर जाऊँ ___________

Pratibha Bhatnagar
Pratibha Bhatnagar

I am a retired teacher. A creative person always trying to learn and do something new. Cycling was a daily routine during my school and college days, nearly four decades back. Now again I have started to pick up the old threads and started cycling again with a group. It feels good


Picture Credit : Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

34 thoughts on “दो चक्र”

  1. Beautiful .. simply beautiful..!!
    Pratibha you have a very simple yet a unique way of looking at life…
    .. whenever we pen down what we feel deep down honestly..it creates magic..
    Keep it up!!
    And do share other poems of yours..keep travelling this journey called ‘Life’ and enjoy each moment.Cheers🥂

  2. A beautiful expression of urge and yearning to fly higher and higher to convert desire to achievement and continue the journey of life filled with joy.
    Well done.

  3. Btfl poem I’m impressed..gre8 that ur cycling too keeping fit…keep it up looking to more poems from u Pratibha. ❤❤

  4. Pratibha what eloquence.You have captured the emotional turmoil of wanting to do, to be active ,contributing to others; yet bring conscious of ticking click so well.Congrats

  5. Very well written!! When everyone is moving towards English, it is so nice to see a poem being in written in our language.
    Such a well written piece with words and expressions chosen make it such a beautiful poem.
    You and the poem are an inspiration to all of us to never give up and always pursue our dreams and hopes.
    Keep writing and sharing!

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