Love Does Not Hurt

Love does not hurt!

Domestic violence I’ve learnt
is not just physical but emotional too.
If it makes you feel worthless
saying you are no good at all.
Telling you, you are stupid,
and ugly, constantly finding faults.
Does that at all sound like Love to you?

This isn’t Love…

Love is never one-sided.
It’s two imperfect people
making perfect moments together.
It’s giving someone the power
to destroy you but trusting them not to.
Love should make you feel more
of yourself than you ever did on your own.

Would you still stay?

If you knew your worth?
If you believed you deserved better.
Stuck in hostility, unsafe.
Break the habit I say!
Leave the beast.
Don’t settle for less!
You do deserve better!

True love…

Lifts you and tends to your wounds.
It recharges your being
and lets you be your perfect self.
It’s not a one-sided crush,
or a mild infatuation.
Love keeps you safe,
love does not hurt!

Flora Saini
Flora Saini

Flora Saini, an Army kid has done more than 50 films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada with the likes of Rajnikant, Venkatesh, and others. She also has her name in the Limca Book of Records for having 3 releases in a single day, 31st Dec 2010. The stree of the movie ‘Stree’, you would have seen in many web series like ‘Gandiibaat’, ‘Inside Edge’, ‘City of Dreams’ and the latest one, ‘Aarya’. She enjoys baking, loves listening to music and dancing when she’s not traveling. She lives in Mumbai.

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Picture Credit : Unsplash – Sydney Sims

4 thoughts on “Love Does Not Hurt”

  1. Love is trust, being yourself and more importantly being comfortable in own skin. So before looking for love outside one shld find it within. Enjoyed reading ur poem…

  2. Beautiful expression of feelings of those experiencing such atrocities at the hands of others and still saying ,”I love you!”

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