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Birds must come first. That’s the feeling one comes away with when one is in the Sattal region of Uttarakhand. Sattal or Sat Tal is a group of seven freshwater lakes, located at an altitude of 1370 meters in the lower Himalayan Range near Bhimtal. Its biological diversity makes it a birds paradise with 500 species of migratory and resident birds, in addition to the 20 species of mammals and 243 species of butterflies. Unfortunately, this ecologically fragile region is facing heavy environmental degradation with extensive deforestation, forest fires, dumping of non biodegradable waste and the rampant urbanisation of its forest and catchment areas.

The Sattal Conservation Club, formed in 2018, is a non profit initiative of the residents of this region working towards the conservation of the forest and wildlife resources. S.C.C. has undertaken various initiatives to spread awareness about the serious ecological issues facing the region and the measures that can be taken to protect and preserve their natural heritage. In addition to conducting workshops, doing tree plantation and organising cleaning drives for the removal of plastic and other waste, they give guidance on ethical birding practices.

Let’s face it, all bird watching, bird photography and even scientific bird study disturbs birds. It is the aim of ethical birding to ensure that this disturbance is kept to a minimum and no harm is inflicted on the birds or damage done to their habitat. The practice and promotion of respectful, enjoyable and mindful birding enables people to relate to birds and nature better, and helps in building a better future for the birds and birders alike.

Towards this end, the Sattal Conservation Club has set the following guidelines for ethical bird and wildlife photography:

  • Avoid disturbing the habitat of the birds and animals – the interest of the ecology should be first.
  • Stay on the marked trails/paths only – we don’t want to trespass in their homes.
  • Do not use playback or bird calls – we are not here to fool them.
  • Do not feed the birds and animals – they can take care of their food requirements, let’s not make them dependent on us and upset the balance of nature.
  • Please do not use spotlight to take pictures of birds and animals in the dark – it’s not a part of their natural habitat.
  • Do not wear bright coloured clothes in the forest area – these colours may give them unwanted signals and alarm them.
  • Please keep your phones/mouth and music on silent – we don’t want to scare them with our presence.
  • This is a silent zone, please do not play loud music in the Sattal area.
  • Do not trespass on any private property.  
  • Please do not throw garbage – if you see any lying around, please help us by collecting it and throwing it in the dustbin.

Amdy is a founding member of the Sattal Conservation Club and a member of the Shoonyaone Foundation. An ardent conservationist and a professional photographer, he has been working tirelessly to spread the message of ethical birding. Over the years, he’s observed that although the numbers of bird watchers and birding enthusiasts have increased exponentially, only a few practice ethical birding. The need to get the perfect shot for social media ‘likes’ and accolades from peers is resulting in great damage being done to the birds and their habitat. The malaise is causing people to indulge in unethical practices, such as disturbing bird nests; offering food as bait; using bird calls; doing flash photography on nocturnal birds; leaving plastic waste in the forest area, etc. while photographing birds. A firm believer that the wellbeing of the birds comes first, Amdy advocates appreciating nature while being mindful of the needs of the feathered residents of Sattal.

A few pictures of the birds of Sattal are given here, for more of Amdy’s work, follow him on Instagram at: FeatheredAmigo & Shoonayaone


With over 10 years of experience as an outdoor professional, Amdy has worked across the globe with some of the most reputed outdoor outfits. A multi-talented professional, he brings his offerings to photography, videography, wildlife, technical outdoor sport, and conservation.

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Photo Credit: Amdy
Text by Rashmi B. Nayar

4 thoughts on “Birds Of Sattal”

  1. It’s amazing how naturally insensitive We humans as a race have become .. due to sheer non thinking .. articles like this are good reminders … to get more aware and make a conscious effort to restore nature to the best our capability in little little things duly … thank u πŸ™πŸ».. good read keep it up πŸ‘πŸ» 😘

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Dipali. Like you so rightly said, these stories are reminders of the need for mindful living and should make us stop to think and act against the rampant destruction of nature thats happening all around us.

  2. Thanks so much for the appreciation Dipali. This one’s especially close to the heart. You are so right about the importance of reminders to appreciate the world around us.

  3. Flora and fauna always fascinated me.. And this article has rekindled my passion to start exploring the fascinating world of birds.. You have a way with words Ma’am

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