Time, I say, is always precious.
It may be time to give up,
time to leave, time to go.

My heart feels as cold as a stone,
unable to soak the rays of sunlight,
unable to smell the warmth it gives.

I seem to be drowning in an ocean.
So many expectations, uncanny emotions.
I am drowning, going down, deeper and deeper,
unable to hold this weight anymore.

I wish to fly so far away,
like a bird in the night sky.
I wish to go to another place,
where my mind, my soul, and my heart are aligned.

I wish to flee, inhale the breeze,
flee up to the stars, where words that
shoot out of people’s mouths, can’t chase me very far.

So, I’ll attempt to create a weapon,
to shield me from this pain. I’ll bring the sunshine
out from behind the clouds, let it shine through the rain.

That weapon is one, that I call Hope,
watch as I use it to fly high again.

Shreya Ram (age 12) holds an immense passion for the arts, whether dramatics, music, or art. She studies at Malvern College Hong Kong, year 7.


If I sit still, stay quiet,
the animals will come to me.

Especially in the dark
when they confuse my shape
for brush, a rock.

I hear a snap of a twig.
Some murmuring.

The moon sheds enough light
for a raccoon to step into,
take in my silent applause,
before grabbing the nearest tree branch
and chewing on it.

And there’s a possum,
slowly scaling a tree.
And a groundhog
nibbling on a clump of grass,
while a mouse pops in and out of a hole.

There’s an owl in the branches above me,
another observer
but with more than cataloguing species
on its mind.

It’s eager to know where
its next meal is coming from.
That poor mouse is a candidate.

John Grey is an Australian poet and US resident, who was recently published in Sheepshead Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review, and Hollins Critic. His latest books, “Leaves On Pages” “Memory Outside The Head” and “Guest Of Myself” is available through Amazon. 

3 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. A weapon I call hope by 12 yr old Shreya Ram is beautifully penned. When all doors appear to be shut, finding solace and inspiration in the written word is certainly the way forward, because the dark clouds do not stay forever, the dark night will definitely end and the sun will shine again. To hope is the way to be. Well done Shreya!

  2. It is a wonderful poetry by 12 year old
    Even adults can be proud of this beautiful poem
    Hope and Gratitude make our lives wonderful in eyes 9f storm

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