New Beginnings in the New Year

Something about new beginnings in the new year gives hope – hope that things will change, that you will do better and be happier.

Maybe it’s the word ‘new’, which has its origin in Old English words – neowe, niowe, niwe – meaning “made or established for the first time, or fresh, or recently made or grown”. So, when the mind hears this word – the notion that it’s for the first time sets in and it starts looking at something happening afresh.

This feeling is always accompanied by a sense of renewed energy to give the necessary initial momentum to all your plans and resolutions. And even if you forget the resolutions after a few weeks – at least you ‘start’. It is ‘movement’ and that’s definitely better than inertia.

So, why not start (maybe yet again!) the new year with some introspection and some promises to the self? Keep in mind that it as a fresh start – and no matter what the setbacks were previously, you’re now looking at it from a new perspective.

Given below is an exercise that brings your goals from your unconscious to the conscious mind. It will automatically find you taking some action. You will notice you are doing small things to meet each goal as they are in your focus now.

  1. One affirmation about yourself this year. One thing, that if you believed about yourself, would bring about a major change in your life – believe it! Don’t let that persistent, inner voice tell you anything other than say that you can make it happen. Believe that one thing that will change your life, and affirm you are that.
  2. One promise you will make to yourself about letting go off something. Either a habit, or a relationship or a self-concept that’s holding you back. Promise yourself that you’ll let go of that.
  3. One relationship that needs some more TLC that you’d like to work on. There’s always someone important that we’ve been neglecting. Think of who it is that adds value to your life and needs your loving care. Think of what this relationship can blossom to be and what that would add to you life. Resolve to work on that.
  4. One skill that you’d like to learn or really improve upon. What is the skill you’ve been wanting to enhance? Maybe just a s a hobby or maybe it’ll help you progress. Idenify that one skill and work that into your resolutions.
  5. One area where you’d like to contribute. Contribution to society/world makes us feel fulfilled and happier. Which is the area that you’d like to contribute in? Spend some time thinking about it. What will contributing give you? If you feel that it’ll add value to and enrich your life, it’s time to take notice.
  6. And the final one, and my favorite – Make a vision board and beneath each picture write what getting that would do for you. For eg – you want to run a marathon – get the picture that speaks to you and then beneath it, write what winning a marathon would do for you. (Idea taken from Dr Will Horton – Founder, NFNLP). When you define your ‘why’ for each desire, it becomes more compelling, and the motivation is that much higher. And once we know our ‘why’ our ‘how’ seems to sort itself out

It might be a good idea to look at these often and if it works for you – craft out an action plan. Don’t fret too much if your past record doesn’t support this pro-activeness. The past does belong to the past! Remember, you are thinking afresh – the only thing that counts is that you decide to honor yourself by doing what you promise yourself. The repeat action will follow because of the satisfaction/happiness you get by finishing what you promised yourself. You’ll feel capable and that is the best reinforcement!

Once your focus is on the things that enrich your life, and you decide to tick the items off from the resolutions list, you will find your self-worth going up too. Each time there is a small step completed, and you feel the satisfaction, you will like yourself that much more

So, here’s to happy new thoughts. Let’s leave the baggage of the past, and as the clock intrepidly ticks on, step into our new and magical horizons!

Have an awesome new year! 😊

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