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How to get started with the right mindset

How many times have you thought about starting a business but gave up before it even started?

How many times have you felt inspired by others who are business owners but then thought – “I can’t?”

How many times have you told yourself – “I want to do something but what do I do?”

How many times have you put your dreams aside because as a woman you don’t know how to balance work with family life?

Every person is capable of being an entrepreneur. You may not have worked before or you may be working in a corporate role and want to transition. You could also be coming from a family of salaried professionals, where starting a business is a big no-no. To start an entrepreneurial journey what you need most is a Self Belief Mindset.

In this article, we will discuss how to develop such a mindset and learn about it from four talented and diverse women entrepreneurs.

The First Thing

Stop listening to the negative aspects of your Inner Voice and start listening to your Wiser Voice.

If your inner voice tells you that you won’t succeed, let your wiser voice remind you that no one has immediate success. If your inner voice tells you, you may fail, listen to your wiser voice when it tells you that failing is a part of life and that is how you will learn to succeed.

Your inner voice when negative makes you feel weak and builds self-doubt. Your wiser voice supports you and propels you forward, thus, building a self-belief mindset.

Where to Start

The idea is already in your head, pull it out. Don’t keep waiting for that one magical idea. It does not exist. You turn an idea into magic with your hard work. The idea also does not need to come to you fully formed. Think of it as an unpolished gemstone or an atom of an idea that has the potential to grow.

Perfectionists beware! There will always be a reason to wait. Starting a small business is tough. No one arrives at a successful business fully prepared, you learn as you work.

The Journey

Fasten your seat belt – businesses can face big challenges at every step of the way from how to develop your product, marketing, building a customer base to developing a team, managing finances, etc.

You steer through this by building trust in yourself and your team.  The biggest problem lies in thinking that you won’t face any problems. The fact is, it’s the difficulties and the struggles that help us grow and evolve. A challenge can push you outside of your comfort zone and spark new ideas.

To build trust in yourself, simply look inwards. Remember you have handled pressure before, be it in running a house, handling children if you are a parent or even getting through school and college.

When it comes to trusting others, especially your team, today, more than ever before there is a big shift towards co-operation rather than competition. You will need help, so ask for it!

You will also, in turn, create a space where others can ask you for help.

Find your Ikigai

According to the Japanese, everyone has an Ikigai—a reason for living. Having a strong sense of Ikigai—the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect—means that each day is infused with meaning. If you can start a business that revolves around your Ikigai, rest assured you will work hard and make it a success.

Ask yourself these questions to get closer to finding your Ikigai:

  • What do I like to do in my free time (you don’t have to be great at it)?
  • What am I good at that I can see myself getting paid for?
  • What are people talking about that is getting my attention?
  • What am I most proud of about myself – habit, skill, behaviour, attribute?
  • What do I not like to do?
  • What does the world need and do I have a skill set that can make a positive difference?

The concepts above are a starting guide. Kuldeep, Sonali, Roong and Michal are women entrepreneurs, unique in their entrepreneurial journey. We talked to these four talented women to get a deeper insight into how they started and run their businesses.

Kuldeep Kaur is the owner of the Serendipity store in Mehrauli, Delhi. Serendipity is a travel-inspired store housed in a beautiful old haveli that was restored by Kaur herself.

Kuldeep has a master’s in foreign languages and majored in M.B.A. marketing. She was also clear that her area of work should be something that combines the two above. “I think it all starts from recognising and knowing yourself a bit.” Read more about her here.

Sonali Sharma says finding her calling as a yoga instructor has been quite an adventure. “My love for yoga, which had disappeared during the crumbling of my marriage, suddenly surfaced once again.” From training Bollywood celebrities to conducting workshops for hundreds of employees of global companies, Sonali says her experiences have been nothing short of a miracle for a woman who had to restart her life at 40.  Read more about Sonali’s journey here.

Roong Suchinunkul was an architect for 14 years in Thailand before she moved to Hong Kong. “I enjoyed doing arts and crafts with my daughter Laterre so much that it inspired me to start a small business teaching painting and stamp carving classes for kids and adults.” Under her brand name ‘By Mamalaterre’, Roong teaches the above plus calligraphy and embroidery. She developed a successful range of household products with her artwork as well. Christian Dior, Clarins, Credit Suisse, Tod’s and Sisley are just some of the brands who have participated in her workshops. Read more about Roong’s journey here.

Michal was born and raised in Israel, and has spent the last six years in Taipei, Shanghai and now Hong Kong. An environmentalist at heart, Michal engaged herself in crafting and refurbishing furniture. In Shanghai, she started her business “UPCYCLED by Michal’. “I bought a glass cutter and started cutting bottles.” Michal now reuses glass bottles and other eco-friendly materials and makes unique home décor products. Moevir, the Parisian fashion magazine recently featured Michal recycled glass bottle Christmas tree on their December magazine cover. More of our conversation with Michal here.

Arunanjali Maria
Arunanjali Maria

is a Facilitator, Executive & Life Coach, Business Storytelling Coach and Mentor. With over 25 years of experience in supporting Leaders by partnering with organizations/individuals to translate their vision to measurable performance through innovative and experiential methods of intervention that keeps the focus on people. She is currently the Director, TBSL – Her entrepreneurial venture – A Learning consultancy that helps people build skills to grow, engage and achieve outcomes.

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  1. Wonderful article. and so true about the inner chatter that we constantly face. Thank you for articulating what can help in such situations where our inner critic takes over and the powerful stories!

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