A Valentine Ode to the Lines

The lines are beginning
to unapologetically show,
if I work up a sweat
they even glisten and glow!
Yet I find I like myself more now,
at this puckered stage of life
than ever before.

Could it be love?

So much sadness
I sometimes feel
for the unlined face
and the heart yet to heal.
A soul sans compass
a swirling boat
with vulnerability
as it’s only moat.

Was it love?

Some love stories take
a bit more time,
to deepen and develop
like fine wine.
Till the mist clears
in the mirror of time
and the sommelier appears
like a spirit benign.

It must be love. 

Anjum Kapur
Anjum Kapur

Anjum Kapur is a quintessential services brat, zealous single mom, keen trend-spotter, adventurer and a writer and poet in progress. A management postgraduate, she has worked in the corporate sector for more than two decades in the fields of advertising, marketing and corporate social responsibility. Currently on an extended ‘project college admission’ sabbatical, she carefully nurtures a simmering closet ambition to be the roving renaissance woman, giving due credence to eclectic interests like poetry, music, films, food, travel, parenting, sustainable living and colonial graveyards. 

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Picture Credit: Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

5 thoughts on “A Valentine Ode to the Lines”

  1. A journey from ‘could it ‘ to ‘ was it ‘ , to ‘ it must be ..’ takes the reader through time , through life and its ebbs and flows , while holding on to hope, which is the way to be.
    Loved it! Look forward to more from the Author’s pen.

  2. I am really happy that you are taking writing poetry seriously at last!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Look forward to mor e.

  3. Had I not read the poetess’ name, I would have still gone back and connected the lines to those soulful snippets my lovely friend from college use to scribble….beautifully written, Anjum!

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