Book Review: Talking To Strangers (Author Malcolm Gladwell)

Shalini Bindal’s does the Book Review of Talking To Strangers by Malcom Gladwell. Research has proved, it takes just a few seconds for us to form a mental impression of the person we meet for the first time. Most often than not, we use this first impression to make future decisions. Have you ever had that moment when you thought, ‘how could I have been so wrong about this person’? Let Mr. Gladwell challenge you in this riveting book.

How does an astute politician fail to see through the lies of a tyrant? How does an Intelligence Agency fail to see the traitors within their own organisation? What makes people who are trained, skilled, and experienced in reading human behavior, fail to understand them? 

Using a number of such pieces from history and his in-depth research of related psychological theories, Malcolm Gladwell challenges the tools and strategies we use to gauge people we don’t know. His book compels his readers to pause and realise, no one’s transparent and people’s behaviours are influenced by unseen circumstances. This book will change the way you see a stranger and how you read the news. It is especially recommended for anyone who has ever felt judged and misunderstood. It is also for anyone whose profession takes them to foreign lands to deal with strangers. 


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