Tsunami In An Empty Jar

Missing you comes and goes 
like ocean waves- like Tsunamis
Triggered by faint whispers and murmurs 
they don’t need earthquakes to start

Whispers of an old song, rustle of fingers 
running through my hair like yours used to,
emptying random jars and bottles 
which are full of memories of you

As these jars get empty
my heart gets full – of longing, 
longing for your smile and embrace 
that you kept just for me

The ones you left behind try
to be you for each other 
Yet, those attempts are ever so subtle
lest they get uncomfortably close to heart

Holding the dams up
we talk only of irrelevant
trying not to unleash a force
of grief that threatens to consume us all

Your face never leaves my eyes
You voice never leaves my ears
Your touch hasn’t left my skin
You soul will never leave mine

This is my secret treasure now
the most precious fragments of you
all safe in my heart
where they can’t be tainted by the ordinary

Written in memory of my mother whom we lost to COVID in 2020

Puja Killa
Puja Killa

Puja Killa, mother of three, beloved wife, daughter and friend. Loves to read, dance, play tennis, paint and cook. Have recently begun dipping toes in writing poetry.


Picture Credit : Devanath from Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Tsunami In An Empty Jar”

  1. Beautifully words arranged, Good written, you may write more, and more, an rich tribute to your mom.

  2. Amazing piece! Your words definitely touch my soul. Well done and your mom would’ve been proud of you! Keep writing!

  3. Well Articulated with so many emotions running through your heart! Moms are truly special 👍🏻

  4. Yes your words touched me in a way I cannot put on paper/screen. Your words reminded me of my mother, lost many years ago to cancer. Mothers do live with you, through you, in you, in your very being. Beautifully put, Puja!

  5. Exceedingly well written which touches the chords of your Heart so Painstakingly…
    Keep Writing and Keep Emoting!🥰

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