Artist In Lockdown: Kajal Nalwa

Kajal Nalwa has always drawn inspiration from nature and women, and the interrelation between the two as givers of life. Thus, it’s only natural that her inner journey during the lockdown found expression in her favourite subjects and as the days went by, the roller coaster of feelings came to life on her canvas.

The first painting by the artist in lockdown came in the initial days. It’s a portrait of a woman drawing upon her ‘Inner Strength’ and the power of self-belief to shine through the challenges before her. 

Inner Strength
Inner Strength
Watercolour on paper Size 11’x15’

The second one called ‘Forest Autumn’ was inspired from the images from across the world, of earth healing and nature getting a respite from humanity’s excesses. 

Forest Autumn
Forest Autumn
Acrylic on Canvas Size 30’x40’

The third piece of artwork came to life towards the end of lockdown 2.0. It stemmed from the need for normalcy, the routine and the craving for family and friends after the many weeks of social distancing. 

Village Scene
Village Scene
Watercolour on paper Size 15’x22
Kajal Nalwa
Kajal Nalwa

Kajal Nalwa is an alumni of Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai. With her first solo exhibition in 2002, inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Honourable Prime Minister of India, there has been no stopping her journey as an artist since, with several exhibitions in India, London and Riyadh over the past two decades. The medium of her work is oil on canvas using palette knife, acrylic on canvas, water colours and mixed media on paper. Her forthcoming solo exhibition is in Visual Arts Gallery,IHC,2021,New Delhi. She divides her time between Goa and Delhi.   

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Image Credit : Kajal Nalwa

13 thoughts on “Artist In Lockdown: Kajal Nalwa”

    1. True that, Shonu. Kajal’s nailed the state of mind…and now waiting to see her painting no.4 🙂

      1. Thanks dear Rashmi for the appt interpretations – you have really understood the concept

  1. Magnifique!!
    Kajal… each of these is capturing the essence so beautifully and love the vibrancy of your style.. Rashmi thanks for bringing it to all of us

    1. Thank you, Bela. Totally agree, the vibrant colours and style stands out in Kajal’s work.

    2. Thanks so much dear Vanita – Rashmi has outdone herself with the beautiful interpretation that’s so spot on !!

  2. I love the colours .. even though it was during the lockdown, her art reflects positivity. Congratulations kajal.

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