Does Your Thyroid Have You Feeling Extra Chilly And Dry This Winter?

If you are one of the 8 out of ten women who lives with a thyroid disorder (Hashimotos, Graves or Thyroiditis), winter might not be your favourite season. It is a commonly known fact that many people (mostly women) who do have a thyroid imbalance feel colder than the rest of the population and suffer from dry skin. Winters, in general, are a little harsh for the body’s largest organ aka the skin, and there are added precautions people with thyroid imbalances need to take to handle their symptoms better.

  1. You will need extra layers so don’t fight the cold. Just because the rest of the family (especially the spouse) isn’t feeling that cold doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Wear enough to keep you warm, get that hot water bottle out early and snuggle up with the extra blankie.

  2. Moisturise more – Many with thyroiditis experience dry skin throughout the year, and winters make many of the symptoms worse. It takes more effort, but moisture more often and use thicker moisturisers for the cold months. Adding a little olive or coconut oil in our bathwater (for those still using a bucket), or applying the oil right after bathing helps seal in the moisture.
  3. Keep your room hydrated – Using electric heaters dries out the room and your skin. Place a bowl (not too small) of water anywhere in the room to maintain the area’s moisture level. Avoid sitting too close to heaters or using them too much. Layer up and snuggle with a hot water bottle instead. 

  4. Avoid body products that dry out the skin – Use soaps and scrubs that add moisture, not remove it.

  5. Speak to your doctor about taking Omega 3 and fish oil supplements as both are beneficial for skin health. 
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